World of Warcraft is Releasing Their Sixth Expansion Pack, Legion

Classes are changing in World of Warcraft with the upcoming expansion Legion, some classes like the Death Knight, Hunter, Mage are benefiting from class updates. You can also preview the changes to each hero class that will be a part of the expansion pack on this page here.

In other news, there’s a reason why Blizzard does not add new stuff in every expansion.

According to polygon , “If we kept adding new stuff every single expansion, the game would be very unwieldy,” he said. “We’d have to update it every single time. Imagine if we had to do a whole garrison system, this time, around. It would get super unwieldy. When you have a live game like World of Warcraft that’s over 11 years old now, you have to consider how to keep the game manageable.”

That all makes a lot of sense especially if you think about all of the new features that are added each expansion pack. Then think if features were never subtracted from the gameplay? It would be overwhelming for new users to try to become accustomed , as well as for the servers to maintain.
Also, if you pre-order the game now there are select hero classes that you can begin to play with before the expansion drops on August 30th, 2016.

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