Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands 6 Hidden Weapon Spots

Use TryGamers Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands weapons list to unlock hidden weapons as you progress through the six provinces.

Those who are searching for a collection of weapons into their arsenal find exploring across the provinces a must since weapons play an important role in Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands. Only a few weapons become available from the beginning of the game presenting a mandatory need for additional fire-power. To obtain advanced weaponry requires effort since the weapons are hidden. TryGamers begins breaking down finding the hidden weapons by location and also based on the order in which a user completes each province.

TryGamers will now begin by breaking down finding some of the weapons obtainable by location. The following provinces are in order by completion allowing you to have access to our guide as you progress through Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands, Itacua, Ocoro, De Agua Verde, Barvechos, San Mateo, Tabacal.

1. Province Itacua Hidden Weapon Locations.

  • M40A5 Sniper Rifle – This is a sniper rifle and can be acquired by saving amaru in the initial missions. After saving Amaru, you will find this weapon at a rallying point near northern border inside a weapon case.
  • Super Shorty Shotgun – There is a mission where you will have to infiltrate the armadillo base, which you approach through the water. Once you reached the dock, enter the multi-stored building and look for a weapon case located on the roof.
  • MG121Light Machine Gun – This is the final weapon case found in this province. It is found near towards the west region of bocca farm and little ahead of the charlie rally point.
    Take down the enemies here and enter the building that is in ruins, you will find the weapon case on the highest floor.

2. Province Ocoro Hidden Weapon Locations.

  • SR 365 Sub Machine Gun – This one is found in the Cocoa factory. One you take town all the enemies inside the factory, the weapon case can be found in the laboratory.
  • 5.7 USG handgun – This is found in the central region of the province. This weapon is actually found in a barn and is easily accessible
  • M1911 handgun – Generally found in the south-eastern region of the province on the altiplano ranch.

3. Province De Agua Verde Hidden Weapon Locations.

  • PP 19 Sub Machine Gun – Found in the lab of cocaine. It is situated between playa sirena and aroyo baya.
  • SASG 12 shotgun – Found in the mountains of the northeast region of this particular province. The weapon is found inside of a storage container within the brick building.
  • SR3M assault rifle – Move through the town of Alicia in the western region. Inside the town search for the water tower and eliminate the guards near the compound. The case of weapon can be found towards the west region inside.

4. Province Barvechos Hidden Weapon Locations.

  • MP7 Sub Machine Gun – Approach the central post from the north and take out a guard in the tower. Move towards the gas station that can be seen. Carefully move inside the town, climb the tower and secure the weapon case.
  • AUG A3 Assault Rifle – This is found in the santa blanca base. Search the west side of the province. You will see the base and enter it from the northern side. Inside the building, you will find it in the armory case.

5. Province San Mateo Hidden Weapon Locations.

  • 628 Sniper Rifle – In the interior area of the northern side of the Canyon in San Mateo, you will find this in an abandoned prison. Inside the prison, the weapon can be found right next to the helicopter of the prison.
  • PSG Sub Machine Gun – It is found on the border of the northwest region of the province. The weapon case can be located inside of an armory. There will be gap along the northern wall. Get inside and take the stairs available on the left. You will reach the armory, take out 2 enemies and you will find the weapon case on the right.

6. Province Tabacal Hidden Weapon Locations.

  • AK-12 Assault Rifle – Towards the east of this province, you can find a makeshift run away. You can find this weapon case under a wooden and metal shelter, also it will be available next to a plane wreckage.
  • P12 handgun – Take the route on the railway track which moves through the central region of the province. Move east towards freight yard. Right next to a huge fuel tank, you will find this weapon case.

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