Resident Evil 7: How to Get Gun for Survival

Apart from other sorts of Resident Evil 7 series of gaming stories, Resident Evil 7 is one that champions in the being of a civilian who tries to go against powers that are beyond his control. Titled as the biohazard version of the game, Resident Evil 7 provides the gamer a sense of control on what happens in every stage of the story while taking an all-too-realistic stance on how an ordinary person needs to become structurally strategic especially in finding ways to go through challenging stages of the game.

Being a mortal being who has no combat skills, Ethan needs to rely on skills he has as a mere civilian trying to fight the “molded” creatures and the Bakers Family. Because of the immense power and defence system that the other set of fighters have, Ethan needs to use ammo in order to fight through each level.

Question is, how does he get the ammo? This article features a step-by-step process defining how to get gun in the Resident Evil 7 game:

1- Look for the secret panel situated right near the book shelf. Pulling the handle in the fireplace will lead you to a secret passage where you would find a fuse.

2- Grab the fuse and add it to the fuse box to open up the crawl space that leads to the a stairs that goes up

3- Push the button to bring the attic stairs down giving you a way up to the attic.

4- Once you reach the attic, you will see a key to the basement in the desk situated near the bed.

5- Go back downstairs and find a hallway that leads to an unlocked moldy door.

6- Go through the door and open a new area that leads to the bathroom.

7- You will find a toilet bowl filled with blood in the toilet. You have to flush out the blood in order to get the gun. To do it, you would have to find a valve that would make flushing out possible.

8- The valve could be found at the gated door within the end of the hallway. Before it could be found, battling out with the molded people and members of the Baker family should be undergone successfully.

9- Upon reaching the end of the hallway, the plantation could be located where several ammos could also be found everywhere within the surrounding.

The essence of the Resident Evil 7 gaming process lies on the capacity of the gamer to have a real feel of what it means to be in battle with the powerful ones without having unparalleled powers. The strategies and the options of survival opened for the gamer are realistic and requires careful attention to details making it more engaging to every gamer. The interface and the process of getting through each level is expected to provide a more defined sense of satisfaction on the part of the one playing the role of Ethan as he tries to get to his wife Mia and save her from all the molded people and the Baker’s family all at the same time.

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