Resident Evil 7: How To Get A Shotgun

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard was recently unleashed upon the gaming public and by all accounts it seems to be a return to the survival horror roots the series has been known for. That’s not the only trope that’s returned though; during the game you can obtain the almighty SHOTGUN. RE fans will know all too well the damage you can do to enemies with this mighty weapon.

This quick guide will show you how to get that SHOTGUN into your grubby hands and start laying the smack down on the Baker family and its monstrous inhabitants.

1. Before being able to access the shotgun you must make your way to the basement. You can only gain access to the basement after you have defeated the boss in the garage, and after exploring the second floor.

2. When you finally make it to the basement watch out for the shambling mold creatures. The best tactic is to use the handgun to shoot them in the head, they should drop fast.

3. Make your way through the basment to make it to the next ares, which is processing.

4. In this room is a table that has a box of rotting flesh sitting on it, dig through the mess to locate The Scorpion Key.

5. After you’re done here, make you way back upstairs to the main hall, then continue onwards up to the second floor.

6. When you had looted the Eagle figurine from the bathtub when you had visited this level earlier in the game, Jack Baker, still alive and out for your blood, should have appeared and tried to attack you. If you ran away from him earlier, the crazy brute will still be searching the second floor.

7. If you defeated Jack when you were up here last time, continue on, if you didn’t, you’ll have to decide between fighting him or running away again. If you choose to fight, the easiest tactic is to use the handgun for head shots and protect yourself against his melee attacks. Just a heads up, choosing to fight and defeat Jack will make aquirring all the items here, including the shotgun, much easier.

8. After you’ve made your choice, make your way over to the Recreation Room and unlock the door with the Key you grabbed from the processing area in the basement. Inside this room, you will find a shotgun, which is broken and some other random items.

9. Carry the shotgun back to the main hall, almost there now.

10. In the main hall make your way to the statue at the back and swap the broken shotgun for a working one.

And there you have it, now, not only have you acquired a working shotgun that is equally powerful and cool to use, it makes the rest of the game much easier to progress through. As an added bonus, you now possess ad item that serves as a cool throwback to the classic era Resident Evil games. Be sure to conserve your ammunition and fire when you think it will count. Happy Shotgunning!

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