Redout Review

Redout is developed by 34BigThings SRL for PC, Xbox One, and PS4 soon according to TheCoolestNerd.

I love flying around the track at 700 MPH taking a steep right and left turns while listening to epic retro music, and at one moment I almost started rocking my head to the beat, can you believe that? Redout actually is challenging, right now I am trying to whip around the track at 800 MPH making the minute clock. Ten minutes later, after several retries, I have officially smashed that level winning my much-needed gold medal. If you’re into fast-paced racing games that are challenging, Redout is right up your alley.

If we were to compare this game to other racing games, we would notice that the customization is a little light. Redout intentions were not to be the new Forza Horizon, but to be the fastest racing game ever made. And that’s exactly what has been done here.

Redout Review
Redout Review

We can still upgrade and change our vehicle like any other generic racing game.

The real challenge this game possesses is its difficulty to keep on the track and not hit the sides while traveling at a speed of about 870 miles per hour. The rest of the game doesn’t change, it’s still a racer game that is the same as any other average racing game. The only real difference in this game is the ability to travel at ridiculous speeds, and maybe with friends on skype since there’s a multiplayer mode available too. None-less, Redout is an interesting concept that has appealed to me. I had fun playing this game, but not $35 worth of fun “Steam Price”. To be fair, this game has the value of $15. Wait for a sale on this game, it’s mediocre at best. There’s plenty of other racing games that innovate in massive ways for that price range.

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