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No Man’s Sky: PC vs PS4 Graphical Comparison Prediction

First off, we are explaining the settings of the PC version. After we explain the settings of the PC version, we’re going to see if PC version will look better then PS4 version of No Man’s Sky.

Let’s take a look at the settings. Unlike the PS4 version, No Man’s Sky on the PC will let players remove their HUD – useful feature for capturing screen shots and currently missing setting for PS4 release.

No Man's Sky Does PC Version Look Better Then PS4 Version
No Man’s Sky Does PC Version Look Better Then PS4 Version

Further options would be, Field of view setting is the ability to change the limited field of view, both on foot and in ship. The PS4 currently doesn’t have this option and has caught criticism over it.

The graphics settings include an option for various resolutions, up to 4K and the ability to disable V-Sync to run the game as fast as your GPU, CPU and monitor can handle.

More graphical options include Anisotropic Filtering, Anti-Aliasing, Reflection Quality, Shadow Detail, Texture Detail, Generation Detail. Overall these settings will create a beautiful experience.

The PC version appears to have more graphic options then PS4 version, does this matter? Let’s take a look at the PS4 version:

Press play and study the detail of the game. You will notice the PS4 version looks low resolution, well it is true. Developers can not make a game on PS4 system and have it look like the PC version due to its limited capability, it’s a fact that the PC gaming computers can support better visuals.

How much better does the PC version look?

Below is a 4K picture of the PC version:

No Mans Sky NVIDIA 4K ScreenShot
No Mans Sky NVIDIA 4K ScreenShot

The truth behind this is the 4K resolution will be the only true difference gamers will be seeing besides few minor visual changes.

Both versions of games are going to be comparable. The PC version graphically is going to look close to PS4 version graphically. While the PC version will look better visually while playing at 4K.

What we know so far is the PC version has more graphic options, which will affect the in-game look.

The screenshot below was taken from a streamer named StoneMountain64:

No Man's Sky PC Version Half Graphics
No Man’s Sky PC Version Half Graphics

The streamer was running at these settings:

No Mans Sky PC Settings
No Mans Sky PC Settings

Take a look: As you can see the settings are not maxed out but about half way. With the current proof, 4K support and the PC settings we know that the game will look same as PS4 version. We can now make a prediction that, if high-end PC can run this game at 4K, maxed out settings the game will look better then the PS4 version.

Update: 2016/08/13

IGN has posted a graphic comparison:

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