NBA 2K17 Review

This time in NBA 2K17, our newly created character George ABC is bringing fire onto the court wearing his new advantageous red Jordan’s. George is unquestionably looking to take this game away as he prepares to shoot from half court, can George break the tie? George closes his eyes as he starts shooting the ball. The ball hits the rim of basket slowly swirling around the brim before heading through the netting. It’s in, it’s good, “George ABC has won the game”! Anyways, that’s how I explained my first game of NBA 2K17.

My newly created NBA character George is ready for his MyCareer, as he entered the game after the intro cut-scene of coach and him playing basketball George got asked to choose a college team. There’s plenty of choices when it comes to choosing teams, over 12 teams were available for me to choose from. But only three teams caught our attention and those choices are, “Kansas Jayhawks, Michigan State Spartans, and George Town”. After thinking, we decided George Town would be our team of choice. It’s interesting to see the advancements of graphics over the years becoming more realistic.

NBA2K17 Review
NBA2K17 Review

While playing NBA 2K17 I couldn’t help to notice the improvement with the AI. However now the AI backs up away from my play-maker realizing who’s being passed to. Most of the time the AI has proven unsuccessful at countering plays being made. Simply moving to the left or moving right into an opening and carefully passing the ball tricks them every time.

In some parts of the game, the audio needs improvements. The audio coming from the stand doesn’t fit what’s happening to a believable level. As the crowd is waving their hands and cheering for George Town to win the crowd in the stands sounds half of what’s currently happening.

The PC port has serious issues when it comes to keyboard configuration, for example, the menu is not properly configured with a PC keyboard, the keys being used are unusual keys gamers never use. It’s not the ESC key in the corner of my keyboard, it’s not the back key on my keyboard either. How I managed to close the menu was a smashing bunch of keys until something happened. The PC version of NBA 2K17 requires proper configuration implemented for the PC gamers.

The image below is from PC version of the game:

NBA2K17 PC Settings
NBA2K17 PC Settings

My Career was extra special this year. I have joined George Town with my newly made NBA all-star George. George is a tall guy currently measured height at approximately 6.5 feet and a solid reach of 70 inches. He’s not freakishly tall, proving to be a good thing since height weight and reach matters in gameplay now. The reasoning behind doing that was if I am going to make a superstar NBA player he needed less limitation. This time around in My Career I find myself grinding for points used towards upgrading. Grinding for points appears to be the only reason I am playing after 6 hours, since upgrading our NBA superstars is the meat of the game. The multiplayer for the most part is stable, only minor issues like lag delays on MyPark, and MyTeam auction lags at peak hours. It’s a successful release, unlike the previous NBA2K games where multiplayer modes remained broken days and weeks after release. For the most part, this has been a successful launch for NBA 2K17.

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