Microsoft Announces Subscription Service Called Xbox Game Pass

Microsoft has announced a new and exciting ways for gamers to access premium games coming in a form of monthly payments.

According to GeekWire the service is called “Xbox Game Pass”, for $9.99 a month Xbox gamers can have access to a changing game library of 100 or more games for the Xbox One and even Xbox 360 compatible games, including: NBA 2K16, Payday 2. The service is not streaming, but downloadable games onto your storage. Once a game is removed from the service you may no longer play the downloaded game, but are given a choice to purchase for 20% off.

Also worth mentioning you do not need a Xbox Live subscription to use Xbox Game Pass.
When could you get your hands on the service? Few select members from Microsoft program will be given access early, for the rest of the public Xbox Game Pass will be live in the Spring.

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