Microsoft Struggling Amidst Lack of Exclusives

Halo Wars 2, Microsoft Struggling Amidst Lack of Exclusives

The Xbox One is one of the most powerful video consoles of this generation. While Microsoft has done very well with the tech elements of their latest release, they seem to be getting overtaken by the success of their competitors.


In the first quarter of 2017, a lot of games have come out that are exclusive to their consoles, and gamers have been lining up to buy them. Consider Microsoft’s competitors for a moment, and you’ll see that things are cooking up for everyone but Xbox One. PlayStation 4 has a series of games with reviews that are glowing. From Yakuza 0 to Nier Automata, the positive reviews keep coming. Meanwhile, Nintendo has hit a huge jump with the release of Zelda: Breath of The Wild, which is getting a lot of attention and sales.


Third-party games are readily available on several consoles, but it’s the exclusives that are getting a lot of attention from consumers. The late part of 2016 and the early part of 2017 are showing that to be successful in the video game world today, you have to put out exclusives.

Xbox One Exclusives vs PS4 Exclusives
Xbox One Exclusives vs PS4 Exclusives


Xbox One Game Sales Slumping


People picking up the latest from Nintendo are abandoning their Xbox One games, and even trading in their consoles. Microsoft has been investing heavily into franchises that have been tried and true in the past. But gamers are growing tired of those same old franchises, even if they are getting incredible gameplay, good reviews, and more.


Xbox One’s exclusives are not getting the same sales numbers which are evidenced by the sales of Halo 5. According to (Halo 5 Guardians Sells Estimated 146 Million First Week), the sales don’t match the Halo 3 fanfare. Tie this together with game cancellations, and cross-platform releases you will see that Xbox may need more exclusives to match their competitors outright.

Exclusives Score Wii U, PlayStation, Xbox One
Exclusives Score Wii U, PlayStation, Xbox One


If you’re skeptical of this, consider the top 50 Xbox One games via Metacritic. Of the best games for the console, few of them are exclusives. That needs to change if Xbox is to compete in the exclusive heavy success that PlayStation and Nintendo are seeing through the first quarter of 2017.


The E3 Turning Point


This all could be speculation. However, according to The Verge (Video Game Exclusives Still Matter), there are a few theories as to what Microsoft is getting ready to do. One such theory is that Phil Spencer and his crew at Microsoft are gearing up for a huge push for E3. Spencer recently wrote a blog post on Xbox Wire, Microsoft’s Official Xbox One Blog, trying to possibly calm the storm that is no doubt brewing amidst a drop in exclusives, sales, and interest in Xbox one. E3 this year could very well be a huge turning point for Xbox One, and Spencer may have teased it with this blog post (News Xbox One).


Time Will Tell


As with everything in the video game world, time is going to tell. There are some questions that gamers are going to debate, but until E3 comes and goes, the fate of Microsoft’s latest console may still be unwritten. How will they respond to the push that PlayStation and Nintendo are getting with exclusives? Perhaps Microsoft has something big up their sleeves, and are not going to reveal anything until all eyes are on them.

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