5 Tips For Mass Effect Andromeda’s Horde Mode

Ready For Horde Mode?

The long wait is here, and for the first time in over 5 years, there’s finally a new Mass Effect game. While the single player staples of the series are all here in full measure – epic story spanning thousands of years, numerous characters to interact with, and a big bad villain to take down as the savior of the galaxy, Mass Effect Andromeda is bringing a robust multiplayer element to the table as well.

The co-op modes, in particular, deserve special attention, and the ‘horde mode’ that Gears of War made so popular is a key standout that fans will likely be sinking plenty of time into. But, a quick note is worth remembering – Andromeda’s multiplayer offerings actually tie into the main story. While you can dive in immediately after the day one patch is done installing, you’re better off playing through a portion of the game first so you avoid spoiling too much for yourself.

With that said, if you’re ready to get going in horde mode, there are a few tips and tricks that are well worth remembering. Keep the following five things in mind to give yourself the advantage needed to survive the onslaught that horde mode will throw at you and your squad mates.


5 Tips For Mastering Mass Effect Andromeda’s Horde Mode

Mass Effect Andromeda’s Horde Mode
Mass Effect Andromeda’s Horde Mode


1. Communicate – You may be used to the ‘lone soldier’ mentality that some multiplayer games can bring, but the fact is that you’ll struggle to survive horde mode if you and your team don’t communicate. Think of this as a team based shooter – which horde mode is – instead of the single player quest, and approach accordingly.


2. Go Mobile – Andromeda isn’t like Gears of War in terms of the slow, plodding, cover-based shootouts. Those still exist, but Andromeda also rewards you for mobility. Jumping and boosting with the jetpack can launch you high into the air, letting you escape danger and launch a kind of aerial assault. And since there’s plenty of cover, it’s easy to go mobile and still stay protected. In short, don’t let yourself get pinned down throughout the whole match.


3. Know Your Build – Andromeda offers six starter classes for you to build from. As you play, you’ll level up the class you’re using. Each class has its own strengths and weaknesses, and knowing those capabilities is a must. Soldiers rely on assault rifles, shotguns, and high-damage tools while the Vanguard class uses mobility and biotics to gain an upper hand. No matter your playstyle, know your class and develop them accordingly.


4. Know Your Weapon – There are plenty of great weapons, but not all are created equally. Remnant weapons use beam energy and provide constant fire until they overheat. Milky Way weapons are the more traditional, ammo based weapons. However, they won’t cut through shields as much as the Heleus weapons that use plasma energy and can be charged. Think about your weapons and know who to target first.


5. Target Smart – Speaking of which, targeting will matter as well. While it’s easy to focus attention on the big baddies that horde will throw your way, you’re better off thinning out the pack by killing the weaker enemies first, then fighting the stronger enemies. This isn’t always applicable, of course, but it’s a good rule of thumb.


Of course, this is all for naught if you don’t have a little bit of experience. Start off by just playing a few rounds of horde to get the feel for the pacing, the structure, and other basics. Then, you should be able to take the steps towards mastering this mode and conquering the galaxy.

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