Everything You Need To Know About Upgrading Your Gear In For Honor

Upgrading your gear in For Honor can be a difficult task because it all spins around the hero you’re playing with. To upgrade your gear it’s really a simple task. All three Factions have their own “currency” (Salvage). You can obtain salvage by dismantling gear that you don’t want or need. Once you have enough salvage, hover above the gear you want to upgrade and go down to “Upgrade Gear”. The way upgrading your gear works is that when you upgrade a gear, you have a positive and a negative effect on that gear. You boost a specific trait, but you downgrade another trait. Let’s say for example that you were going to upgrade your sword blade on the Orochi, you boost attack but lose defense, or you earn defense and lose an attack, it all depends on the weapon variant.
Gears have different rankings. You have commons, rares, and heroic gears. Common are the worst since they barely give you a boost and also downgrade a trait, rates tend to really boost a specific trait, whilst lowering another trait by a significant amount, and heroics boost two traits and lowers only one trait. Gears go up to level 18. But, how do you know what gear to upgrade for every hero? Let’s imagine for a moment that you’re using a heavy hero. Heavy heroes, since they are big and bulky, you want to have gear that has:
1) Throw Distance, since you can easily push people off the cliff, or into any object. 2) Revenge Gain by Defense, since you can easily defend and then counter-attack.3) Exhaustion Recovery/Stamina Regen, since your attacks consume a lot of stamina.4) High defensive shield, or weapon, since you can easily block attacks.

Upgrading Your Gear in For Honor
Upgrading Your Gear in For Honor

For you to upgrade your gear in For Honor you should first evaluate the hero you are using and his/her playstyle, and work your way around that. Light heroes(low defense, fast attacks) like the Orochi, Nobushi and the Peacekeeper, should have gear that can help them in tight situations, like revenge mode attack, revenge gain by injury, sprint speed. With these characters you should want a high damaging weapon, with low defense but normal to high stamina cost reduction because you barely defend with these heroes, you attack and then dodge back.

When it comes to medium weighted heroes, it all depends on your liking since they can be both bulky and light. I personally prefer to upgrade my medium weighted heroes gear, in traits that help them become lighter and faster since that’s my playstyle. My suggestion is that you analyze the hero that you’re using, and find a way to upgrade your gear based on that hero’s qualities. I hope that I provided with the answer you were searching for.

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