How To Unlock Both Endings In Daughters DLC on Resident Evil 7

Resident Evil 7’s second DLC piece having arrived on PlayStation four, players now have two new game modes to entertain them. Focusing on the Daughters tape, two endings are featured in this mode. These two include the bad ending, where one unlocks the Butterfly Effect on completion, and the true ending, whose completion enables the player to be rewarded the One Instinct: Survival. To get both achievements, one has to follow a series of steps that I will guide you through below. The Daughters DLC tape automatically gives the player Zoe Baker’s role around the Baker house. The hurricane makes Jack Baker return into the house with a little girl in his arms, and not long after things seem out of place, forcing Zoe into the midst of a horror story.


The following steps are going to act as your guide to unlocking both endings in this tape. One is expected to get control of Zoe and assume her role in this part. Once you are in control;

1) Follow Jack baker as he enters with the little girl Eveline. A few seconds later Jack will exit and Marguerite will move to the kitchen. Focus on Lucas and pay close attention to capture the password he keys on his phone.

2) Note the code (1019) and move towards the pantry area past Marguerite to the small hole leading to the crawlspace under the Baker house. Get inside and pick the lockpick from the ground.

3) Proceed towards the laundry through the crawlspaces where you will find the clothes change mentioned earlier by Marguerite. Pick the clothes then climb the staircase up to the second floor.

4) Enter to unlock the drawer inside the bathroom to pick the Small Component. Make your way to the Kid’s room where Jack will ask you to have Eveline’s clothes changed. As soon as he leaves to find the small statue.

5) Open the ladder leading to the attic using the small component, where you will key 1019 to the computer in there and read the notes. Here, you will learn about a red box at the veranda then return to Eveline.

6) Use the lighter to go downstairs, check on Lucas who is on the floor then go upstairs into the bathroom and listen to Zoe and her mother conversing. Jack will enter and send you to the garage to get a rope which you will use to barricade the door in the recreation room while retreating from Jack and Marguerite.

7) Go to Grandma’s room, get the fork and use it to open the window back in the recreation room. Climb out to the veranda and locate a red box to the right, open it and grab a dog head inside it.

8) Sneak back onto the veranda and re-enter the house. As soon as Jack leaves, go towards the hall with your lighter off, and get the Car key from Marguerite.


Move through the laundry room and via the crawlspace into the pantry area. Now sneak past Jack into the garage and climb into the SUV where you will automatically trigger the Bad Ending.


Ignoring the car key, move to the back door where you will use the Dog Head to access the backyard and go to Zoe’s trailer. Enter the trailer to find Mia’s body and notes which on reading, you will trigger the True Ending.

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