How to Swap Shoulders in Ghost Recon Wildlands

Sniper Looking To Eliminate His Target In The Wildlands

One of the features gamers have been asking about is whether there is an ability to swap shoulders within Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands. If we can, then how?

Despite the fact most third-person shooter gamers never bother about viewing their character from any other aspect except the right shoulder, a majority of game developers lately have been providing the feature to allow players to swap shoulders, changing character view prospective.

By default, similar to other third-person shooters, Ghost Recon Wildlands display preference aspect is from the right shoulder. Till lately, some third person shooter games didn’t have the option to change their character views, luckily in Ghost Recon Wildlands, we have a choice.

A left-hand perspective, along with the regular right-hand aspect provides players with a lot more dynamics and functionality.

The ability to toggle between the left shoulder and the right shoulder allows superior control around corners and behind obstacles offering a gameplay sight advantage.

TryGamers guide will take you through on how you can swap shoulders in Ghost Recon Wildlands.


On Xbox One:

Tap the RB Button.

Be sure to release it quickly as holding it will bring down the Rebel Support Menu.


On PS4:

Tap the R1 Button.

Just like the XB One, make sure to release it quickly.


On PC:

Tap the middle mouse button or scroll the wheel.


Ghost Recon Wildlands has an undoubtedly been a successful release. Possibly Ubisoft deserves credit for working hard during the last five years after the game went into development in 2012. Consequently, it also became the fastest selling game of 2017. Still, with a lot more buyers ahead, the future of the game and the Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon line-up seems bright. Certainly, Ghost Recon Wildlands isn’t the last game we are going to experience in the series. Moreover, we might get to witness add-on or an expansion pack and who knows, that day might be sooner than one might expect it to be. Since Ubisoft developers have had a tendency to release an expansion pack or an add-on. After the sales of the game begin to saturate.

So, for all the fans out there – keep your eyes open. The open world adventure might have a lot more to offer.

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