The Art of Perfect Interrogation While Playing Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands

how to interrogate in Ghost Recon Wildlands

Interrogating a foe is vital for progressing through the game since enemies spill out important details regarding the whereabouts of the top leaders. To begin interrogating aim at the enemy and a message appears to integrate the enemy if not detected.

How to interrogate the enemy and get valuable information.

Before interrogating you have make sure that all the enemies in that areas are wiped out. Once you are locked into interrogation you can’t come out of it until all the information has been gathered. It’s safe to either kill all the enemies in the area or you can drag the enemy you would like to integrate to a safer place.

If you’re playing on Xbox One, to begin integration progress press the X button on your controller. To begin grabbing the enemy and Y to interrogate. If you are playing on a key board you can use the E key to grab and B to start your interrogation. Interrogating a lieutenant can be difficult since the lieutenants are heavily guarded, it’s suggested for you to be at your stealthiest to interrogate lieutenants. It’s advisable to sneak in from behind making the enemies talk rather than exposing yourself and losing out on important information that helps you proceed through game-play.

Here’s a trick to interrogate an enemy, if you are detected while driving in a car.

Once spotted, the enemy won’t have a message pooping up for interrogation. To solve this, you can kidnap him in your car and take him outside his border. “Sounds dark, but the trick works”. Once outside of his border, roll him out and you will have a interrogate message available.

While you’re interrogating the enemy make sure no one is firing at you. If you are being shot at you will find yourself failing to interrogate.

Another reason not to interrogate the enemy while being fired upon, is sometimes you might use the informant as a shield against the gunfire which might spoil the entire interrogation. Interrogating the enemy is vital since it gives you important information about the story-line, keeping yourself up to date without missing any key details when playing further into missions.

Source IGN Gamepedia

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