How to Find Huntsman Rifle in Ghost Recon Wildlands

How To Find Huntsman Rifle

There have been several doubts and inquiries regarding the huntsman rifle. There is also extensive confusion about whether it is a separate entity from the Huntsman Motorbike. Users want to know what the advantages of holding a Huntsman Rifle are and how it can improve progression.

Ubisoft offers the Huntsman Rifle as part of the Deluxe Edition available for $69.99. When a player opts to buy this edition, they get a set of in-game extras. These in-game extras include the Huntsman Rifle, the Huntsman Motorbike, 3 units of Character Gear, 3 Weapon Skins and 3 Emblems. Apart from Deluxe Edition add-ons, you also get an EXP Booster Pack providing an increase in EXP helping you level up your character faster.

How to unlock the Huntsman Rifle

According to the following YouTube video, the easiest way to get the Huntsman Rifle is as follows:

Step 1: Go to your Loadout and select Shotgun. You’ll know that this is the Huntsman Rifle because the option on the side is View in Gunsmith, unlike the Edit option given for other guns. When you select it, you will see that this is also called Wilderness.

Step 2: Enter the code you received when you paid for the Deluxe Edition and you’ll be able to use the Huntsman Rifle.

The appearance of the Huntsman Rifle has received mixed reviews. While some believe the design to be extremely professional, others believe the design could have been crafted to look visually appealing.

The specs of the different guns available in Ghost Recon Wildlands compared to Huntsman Rifle result in better weapon choices, like the MSR, even though the MSR provides better accuracy while shooting.

Paying an extra cost for Huntsman Rifle becomes a personal choice. If you are comfortable playing with the Pistol or the Starter Weapon, we can enjoy playing Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands the same.

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