5 Important Horizon Zero Dawn Gameplay Tips and Tricks

Horizon Zero Dawn in an interactive role-playing game whereby the main character, Aloy, who is an archer and hunter explores the world overridden by robots. Here are the important Horizon Zero Dawn Tips and Tricks to help you start enjoying it.

Keep Reading For 5 Important Gameplay Tips and Tricks in Horizon Zero Dawn, Master Your Game.

1. Don’t jump right into combat.

Most beginners make this mistake and attack the machines head on. This might prove to be fatal as eliminating �Machines is much harder than hunting down pigs and other less harmful animals. The best way to go around this is to be stealthy and use the Silent Strike. Crawl up into some bushes and hide then scan the machine using your Focus vision. It will show you the machine’s weak spots which you can attack and inflict maximum damage. Also, if a machine has a patrol route, you can view this by pressing R1 on your PS4 controller. Make use of the Critical Hit which can eliminate a downed enemy especially the smaller ones at the beginning of the game like Watchers.

2. Pay attention to icons appearing above the enemies heads.

Another way to navigate around enemies and use strategy to kill them is to always check the enemy’s alertness levels. Many a Horizon Zero Dawn beginner will stalk an enemy for a Silent Kill but blow their cover before it is safe to attack. If an enemy doesn’t have a “!” or “?” above its head, you haven’t been spotted yet. It is possible to stealth kill an enemy in yellow alert but when it turns red, hide quickly. Take advantage of their alert levels when they are close to each other and pull off a series of stealthy kills when others are not looking. This part is left out of many Horizon Zero Dawn Tips and Tricks manual.

3. Invest in outfits.

Buy outfits from traders as they can come in handy because each outfit has its own strengths and can be modified. Have an outfit for each element e.g. Freeze, Shock and Fire and change them to suit the battle. When you have the outfits, look out for colored hints. Blue canisters on enemies mean you should use freeze arrows while orange canisters can be hit by fire arrows. This is why you should modify your weapons when you get the chance.

4. Don’t skip the tutorials.

Going to the next level means accumulating XP points in the game. What most Horizon Zero Dawn Tips and Tricks won’t tell you is that tutorial missions will help you level up. Apart from earning XP, you get to test new gadgets and learn how to use them. You will learn how to use tripwires, bombs, etc. A tripwire can be useful after you view the robot’s route and use it to eliminate them. Employing these neat tricks earns you a chunk of XP.

5. How to level up quickly.

Instead of rushing to finish a Level 10 quest while still in Level 5, finish Side Missions, Errands and clear Corrupted Zones which will help you level up faster. Some machines cannot be defeated in quests if you are not on their level. Also, to earn the most points in combat, attack machines without being detected or use an element such as electricity or ice which will earn you more XP. If you want to level up fast, make sure you take out every enemy you meet, even the tougher ones. Sure, main quests earn you more XP but when in a fix, complete other activities to level up.

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