Should You Choose Havarl or Voeld in Mass Effect: Andromeda?

What are the consequences for choosing Havarl or Voeld in Mass Effect: Andromeda? Read on for our tips on making this choice!


During the priority ops mission “A Trail of Hope,” you’ll need to decide to travel to either Havarl or Voeld. But which should you choose?


First, keep in mind that no matter which planet you choose, you will still need to complete missions on both. The real choice is which order you’ll complete the planets in.


Without spoiling the story, our recommendation is to travel to Havarl first. There aren’t significant differences between the two planets. You’ll get rewards from completing the Havarl missions that will make the rest of your experience a little smoother, but the difference isn’t drastic.


On the flip side, some players have complained that Havarl’s missions are boring, which is a good reason to travel to Voeld first.

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