Ghost Recon Wildlands Released With Map Bigger Than GTA 5

After what seemed like a long awaited wait for some gamers Ghost Recon Wildlands is now available.

After a very successful beta phase, Ubisoft finally released Ghost Recon Wildlands on 7th March 2017. There was a huge hype around the game since it was announced at E3 back in 2015. The game is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows.

Ghost Recon Wildlands has a bigger map then GTA 5.

Release Features Fresh Living Open World Environment

This is the first one in the series to feature an open world environment drifting away from the strictly story based gameplay. The game features a variety of different environments – hills, plains, deserts making this one of the biggest open world games released by Ubisoft. The exact size of the map has not been revealed but it’s pretty clear that it’s much bigger than the GTA V map. The map is divided into 21 regions and each region has its own towns & cities. The regions are not just divided by arbitrary lines on the map but they are distinct from one another in terms of culture, resources and terrain. You can say that each region has a different character to it. The map also has 11 biomes. Each biome has a distinct ecology in terms of wildlife, terrain, and climate.

Another difference is that the game is set in 2019 instead of some far-future date like 2024 in Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Future Soldier which means the weapons and tactics are mostly derived from the real world.

Ghost Recon Wildlands is set in Bolivia, causing the Bolivia government to file a complaint due to Ghost Recon Wildlands making Bolivia appear like a narco rogue state.

The game is set in Bolivia where a Mexican drug cartel, Santa Blanca, has gained so much influence over the country that it is practically running it. The US government send an elite special operations unit called Ghosts to Bolivia in a joint operation between DEA, CIA and the US Army. The Ghost forces cooperate with a local resistance group, Kataris 26, to bring an end to Santa Blanca’s occupation of the country. You have to systematically kill the heads of Santa Blanca responsible for running the business ends of the cartel- Security, Production, Control and Transportation. But you cannot go directly after the heads, first you have to get rid of the regional bosses in-charge of specific regions in Bolivia. Only after you compromise the operational heads of Santa Blanca do you get the take on El Sueno, the Cartel head. The game gives you the hang of things and then lets you explore the map on your own. The degree of freedom you get is delightful.

Release Featuring Highly Customizable Gameplay

You can use any strategy or tactic to achieve the objectives. Upgrades are given in terms if skill points which you get by completing a mission. You can also take on a side quest to get more supplies. You can also change the looks of your weapons with paint-jobs and aftermarket accessories in the upgrades menu.

There was some controversy because of the storyline. The Bolivian government was not pleased to see the country being depicted as a rogue narco-state and raised a formal complaint in the French Embassy. Ubisoft reacted by releasing a statement that the game’s storyline was a work of fiction and their selection of Bolivia was due to its beautiful landscape.

After Successful Ghost Recon Wildlands Beta With 6.83 Million Active Users In One Month

The game has received a positive response not only from the critics but also from most beta users. The game had a massively successful beta release with 6.83 million unique players playing the beta version in one month.

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