Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands Best Assault Rifles Locations Guide

Ghost Recon Wildlands AK47

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands is the new and exciting massively open world, first-person shooter from Ubisoft. With plenty of options for various gameplay styles, there’s one gameplay style we can all agree on, and it’s obtaining the best assault rifles. Since defeating a vast number of Cartel, enemies relies on one’s weapon and battle strategy.

So, what is the ideal weapon for your playing style? If you are not worried about accuracy but are looking for stopping power, TryGamers has you covered.


ACR: In the village of La Loma in Medina Luna. Go north of the Media Luna Bravo rally point and look for an empty yellow storage crate by the river. ACR is a favorite due to its high rate of fire and penetration with surprising superior handling and accuracy.


TAR-21: In the town of Choza Padre. Go east of the story mission intel point, and you will find TAR-21 on the upper floors of the house. When you need stopping power, TAR-21 is your gun with high penetration and extensive damage.


M4A1: Inside the Armadillo Hunting Lodge in the Flor De Oro region. M4A1 is a great weapon for mid-range combat with a need for accuracy.


AK47: Go to the gas station in the southeast of the Libertad region. Possibly one of the greatest and well-known weapon designed. Also available with His and Hers Exotic Variants featuring a higher ammo count and more damage.


556xi: Follow the river in the Caimanes region until it forks. This bad boy offers more damage and more range than a considerable amount of other assault rifles.


MK17: When you are hunting down General Boro in the Flor de Oro region, you will find MK17 in the heavily guarded Unidad base. MK17 is the ultimate prize for when you absolutely, necessarily must kill everything in the room, you want the MK17.


G2 Famas: On Saint Martin Mountain in the Inca Camera region. G2 Famas rifle offers the highest rate of fire amongst the others.

What are the best weapons in your opinion? Comment below.

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