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For Honor: How to Unlock All The Classes You Want Right At The Start

When you are playing the most popular action fighting game For Honor the most exciting thing is to remove your fellow players from the leading list for that purpose you have to unlock all the classes you want right at the start.

A little about the heroes: In this game there are various categories of heroes in different classes. Heroes are the different characters you can play as in For Honor which fall into three different categories:

· Samurai

· Knights

· Vikings

There are basically four different characters that you can get and then you can start out with one from each. Each character in the game plays a different role and they have their own different strengths and weaknesses as well. Despite of this all they all have similar moves.

How to Unlock All the Classes You Want Right At the Start

The most curious thing about this game that every player wants to know that how to unlock all the classes at the starting of the game, as most of the classes are locked in the game currency walls. To unlock more classes in the game you’ll need to spend more steel currency. You can earn more currency in the game or buy it through the micro transactions and the best thing about this game is that each classes cost 500 steel which is simple to obtain.

You have to earn steel to unlock all the classes as steel is the most precious resource in the game used to unlock the different classes while playing For Honor.

Multiplayer mode: Earning more steel is not difficult if you playing a lot and you will be receiving steel for each game played. In each multiplayer match you will be earning experience as well as a small portion of steel and when you are playing on the multiplayer world map you can just hit the L1 button or the left bumper(Xbox One) to bring up the orders menu. The orders in this game change each day and you can assign contract orders to yourself from the list. With each completing order it will grant you the listed reward which includes amount of steel often and steel is the thing which you need to unlock more classes in For Honor.

Story mode: There is another way to earn the currency to unlock more classes in For Honor which is playing in the story mode of the game. In the story mode you just have to keep an eye on the breakable objects which will appear as group of pots having a white outline around them and if you will be smashing these pots getting rewards which can be in various forms and steel is one of them.

Basic and advanced tutorial: Another simpler way to unlock the classes and to earn steel is to play the basic and the advanced tutorial in For Honor which gives you a reward of 3500 steel, resulting with enough to unlock the classes you want.