For Honor How to Parry

For any fighting game, damage, defense, and basic character statistics are not just the necessary tools to win. One of the essential parts of winning is the skill and the level of experience gained by the player. Players who played many games before surely developed the sense of awareness and analytic skills, as a result, these players can identify patterns and movements.

One of the most intriguing fighting game is For Honor. A game requires defensive tactics to win and survive battles. Experts suggest that precise timing is necessary in order to execute good defensive moves which are very significant. In the game such as Parry, counter guard break, and guard break.

In the game For Honor, how to parry is one of an essential trick for its players to win their battles. Its execution is to be one of the most difficult defensive moves in the game. Many players went crazy about it and became one of the standards of being a good player. In the game, the enemy icon for direction will flash red. This is your signal to know where the attack will land. To execute parry, the player must perform normal block with a heavy attack with the same direction to your opponent’s attack. As a result, the player can stop his or her opponent’s attack.

The difference in normal block and parry is quite simple. A normal block will allow the player to resist on his opponent’s attack and receive lesser damage. On the other hand, players use parry in order to block the enemy’s attack while moving forward. As a result, the enemy will experience slight imbalance. This situation of the enemy player would be the best opportunity for the player to make his counter attack. As stated, proper timing is the key to executing this defensive move. The point of contact during parry will open opportunity for the player to give his own blow. If the parry is too soon, there is a chance of a miss and receive damage. If the parry’s timing is late, it will have no effect and the player will receive damage.

For Honor How to Parry
For Honor How to Parry

According to high-level players, the best timing to execute the parry is during the second flash of the enemy’s attack. It is necessary to know that that the first flash shows the line of attack of the enemy player while the second is the time before it lands. Experts suggest that execute parry when you see the second flash for the enemy’s attack.

Controls for parry on different platforms:


Execute basic/normal block by holding L2 and add heavy attack during the second flash by pressing R2.

Xbox one:

Execute normal block by pressing LT and add heavy attack by pressing RT during the second flash.


Move the mouse to the direction of the attack (right or left) then add heavy attack by pressing Right mouse button (RMB) during the second flash. Be mindful that windows 8, 8.1 and 10 supports Xbox One and 360 controls. Older versions of windows may require a specific driver.

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