For Honor 10 Best Tips and Tricks For Combat

For Honor is one of the most unique fighting games to grace our PS4 and Xbox Ones. With multiple genres and characters such as Samurai, Knight, and Viking, determining the best combat strategy can be a tricky affair. Courtesy of TryGamers, we’ve taken the liberty of helping you break through whatever challenges you may come across and get the very best out of your gaming experience. Here is our top 10 For Honor tips and tricks for combat, that will have you fighting, blocking and tackling like a pro, regardless of whether you’re beginner or looking to advance.

For Honor tips and tricks for combat: Basic and Advanced Mechanics.

TryGamers For Honor 10 Best Tips and Tricks For Combat
TryGamers For Honor 10 Best Tips and Tricks For Combat

1. The basic combat principle is attacking while blocking incoming attacks. You can block or attack from left, right or up (top) positions.

Always use the Right Analog Stick to shift to the same direction of an oncoming attack to successfully block it.

For attacking, if you want to throw off your opponent, try staying in one stance, then just when you are about to attack, change your stance to a different one.

2. Know when to use an attack.

Heavy attacks- Activated by pressing RT, they are slower to perform, but do a lot more damage. Avoid overusing this form of attack as it uses more stamina, and can be easily parried or blocked. Only execute it as a finishing attack when your enemy is confused or staggering.

Light attacks- these are swift, less exhausting and usually go well in combos. To activate these attacks, push down RB.

3. The signs.

A lightning bolt sign with a flaming effect means that an attack is unblockable. If an opponent flashes white, then you can forget about blocking their oncoming attack. When a violent tint shows, know that the attack is bound to inflict some bleeding damage.

4. Guardbreaks.

If a tricky opponent is constantly blocking your attack, then this move can leave them vulnerable.

When you’re close enough to the enemy, push X to trigger a guardbreak in For Honor, and get an opening for your blow.

5. Throwing for safety.

If you are caught in a risky situation, you can use the throw mechanic to keep your enemy at a distance and quickly escape. Simply double tap X to throw them backwards.

With the game’s numerous cliffs and ledges, this can also be a great move to kill an opponent, especially during an intense battle.

6. Parrying.

Parrying in For Honor is a move that counters an enemy’s swing attack with your own. As a result, you have a stunned opponent, and an opportunity to strike.

To achieve this, wait until your opponent is about to throw a sword your direction, then position your guard to match their attack and then push RT for a heavy attack.

Although unblockable attacks cannot be blocked, some can be parried. For instance, you can parry the Raider’s horizontal and Kensei’s overhead swing.

7. Position and environmental hazards.

Like attack and defense, positioning yourself is also very crucial in For Honor combat. Never have your back towards any potential environmental hazard, as it gives your enemy the advantage of knocking you off a cliff, ledge or directly into a spiked wall, killing you instantly.

For Honor tips and tricks for combat: When outnumbered.

Your first instinct, when faced with multiple opponents at once, may be to run, but sometimes that’s just not an option. These tips and tricks will ensure that even when you’re under attack, you are not at a loss.

8. Blocking off multiple enemies.

This requires holding your sword in different directions, a combination of stances while anticipating your opponent’s incoming attacks.

Although you can only lock-on to one enemy at a time, you can still block attacks from sneaky opponents attacking from the left/right. Simply hold your sword in their direction, using the Right Analog Stick, to deflect incoming attacks.

Note that, unblockable attacks or attacks from behind cannot be blocked.

9. Revenge Mode, your secret weapon.

Focus on defense to block attacks, and in turn fill up your Revenge meter for quick bursts of stamina, successful throws/ parries, stronger attacks, and defense. Also ensure you are on the move, to avoid your guard being broken.

Activate your Revenge either as a parry when you’re about to get hit, or when you get a clear angle of a vulnerable enemy, for an instant, guaranteed a kill.

10. The advantages of Zone attacks.

Zone attacks are a series deadly attacks, commonly used when fighting large groups of minion soldiers. A zone attack can be performed by pressing the light and heavy attack buttons simultaneously, which trigger a circular attack that hits anyone near your character, whether at the front, side or behind you.

Unleashing a zone attack gives you extensive range, multiple hits at a time and cannot be interrupted. Thus it’s useful when you’re overwhelmed or need to make a run for it. The only trade-off is up to 50% of your stamina.

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