How To Find The Best Sniper Rifle Ghost Recon Widlands

How to Find The MSR Rifle in Ghost Recon Wildlands

Looking for a competitive advantage during long range combat? Then the MSR Rifle definitely should be in your arsenal of weapons. By following the following steps you may unlock and start using the MSR Rifle.

Go to Montuyoc Region

To start finding the MSR Rifle, go to Montuyoc region. Despite the fact that the Montuyoc region is dangerous for a starting player. Once you arrive at the Montuyoc region make sure to avoid enemy patrols or lead them away from your destination.

Once you successfully past the patrols, head to the Araca Village. Find Choza Padre mine located at the south west. Proceed with caution, the mine is guarded by four snipers. The strategy to handle the four sniper guards is to either use silenced shots to eliminate the guards or use silenced shots to create a diversion.

How To Get MSR Sniper Rifle Ghost Recon Wildlands
How To Get MSR Sniper Rifle Ghost Recon Wildlands

Proceed Into The Mine

After defeating the well-armed soldiers, start to navigate towards the mine. In or around the mine more soldiers are on the look out trying stop you from obtaining the MSR Sniper Rifle. One of the strategies we recommend is using the recon equipment including, drones and binoculars to view the soldiers in order to attack. At this point, you should be extremely vigilant since the soldiers cannot be under estimated.

Remember to keep a sharp eye on details along the way. Once you do that, rush to the point where the weapon is and grab it. With the MSR Rifle, you’ll be given a slight advantage, but the slight advantage is worth the effort put into finding the best sniper rifle in Ghost Recon Wildlands.

Looking for a video guide? Watch and follow along with video below:

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