How To Counter Guard Break In For Honor

For Honor is a fantastic combat game that incorporates multiple fighting styles, that in turn, can sometimes make it a little tough to strategize on the best battle moves. Each move you make in the game has to be unique and well planned so as to beat your opponent. As such, this post covers one top notch strategic move that you can ultimately use on an enemy in For Honor. That is, how to counter guard breaks during a battle. This excellent move can give you the upper hand in battle as you completely confuse your opponent and easily get them to the ground.

How to Perform a Guard Break.

In order to get a guard break right, it has to be done swiftly and with a lot of timing so as to get it right and achieve the desired manoeuvre. The guard break is performed by pressing the square button on the PS4 and X on the Xbox games.

How to Counter Guard Break.

As earlier mentioned, to get the best result in a guard break move, you have to be swift and timely. The move is not an all the time attack kind of move, but requires executing at various instances when you are sure it’s safe. An example of a convenient opportunity is when your opponent is making their guard break. Making the move will need you to be very observant and swift on your control navigations so as to make sure you get it right. Once perfectly executed you will be a dangerous player in the battlefield.

To make a counter guard break, you’ll have to wait for your opponent to make their guard break first. Once they execute, do not rush to make your counter immediately, as some tutorial manuals instruct. Instead, wait until their move makes contact with you and then swiftly trigger your counter attack by using the guard break. You have to be precise and fast to make this move correctly.

If you find it hard to get the move right because you are always executing it late and getting knocked off your feet, you can ultimately use the sound produced by your shield when your opponent makes contact with it, as your trigger moment. Remember, this move is best performed immediately contact is made. Once mastered the move becomes a powerful tool.

Other Instances you can Make a Guard Break.

Let’s admit it. Every gaming enthusiast wants to be a legend in their particular favourite games. Well, in the For Honor game, the guard break is arguably one of those tactical moves that can get you this title.

Since the move was initially created to break through enemy’s blocks, it, therefore, is one of the most vital features of the game. To perform the block remover move, you hit the buttons as earlier mentioned once your opponent creates a block. The guard break will practically break the block and gives you an opportunity to make a follow-up attack. The attack can be a tackle or throw that will send your opponent reeling to the ground thus consequently giving you a grand opportunity to knock him a few times while in the humiliating position.


Remember, the guard break might be a good block breaker, but when playing with a skilled opponent, they can always interrupt or counter your move with their guard break. So be clever and always play safe become unbeatable in the For Honor game by using this incredible fighting move today!

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