Review: Cosmic Star Heroine Suffers From Boring Combat

By Popular Request, Here’s My Cosmic Star Heroine Review

TryGamers was asked by several fans by email for Pj Mischuk to post a Cosmic Star Heroine Review, without further delay. Here is Pj Mischuk’s honest opinions on the game and whether or not you should purchase Cosmic Star Heroine.


First Impressions:

Cosmic Star Heroine Review
Cosmic Star Heroine Review

After I pressed start at the main menu of Cosmic Star Heroine it was clear instantly from the start the game was a pixelated modern game trying to leave us with an impression of a modern old-fashioned Eastern retro 2D Nintendo Atari style game.

After jumping straight into the main storyline.

I was a female spy during the first mission:

Cosmic Star Heroine Review
Cosmic Star Heroine Review

Heading towards our mission to save hostages from the “bad guys” before the bad guys discover their surveillance cameras have been spoofed. I doubt the bad guys would find out their cameras have been compromised, we’re the good guys, it’s like saying Superman would not accomplish his goal to save hostages in dangerous situations.

The first mission applies to most of the superhero movies, of course, we’re going to save the day, we’re the main character.

Turned Based Combat Style:

The main combat style is not new and revolutionary, instead, the style of combat we will encounter for the rest of the game is a turn-based combat system.

Some don’t like turn based combat systems, if you don’t like turn based combat systems and prefer live action instead of taking turns. Cosmic Star Heroine might not be for you.

The combat is simple, but flawed.

When a battle takes place. First would be our attack, or the enemies, depending on various factors. We could use a basic attack to hit the enemy. Effects will occur around the enemy we hit.

He/She/It does not seem to die, anyways.

The next combat turn is for the enemy, he comes towards your characters direction like a stiff teddy bear and does some damage.

Standard RPG, nothing new…

After playing Cosmic Star Heroine you’ll begin forming a team of different characters with different gear and abilities.

Depending on what gear or abilities you may have available depends on collecting such gear or abilities.

Combat System Verdict:

Cosmic Star Heroine Review
Cosmic Star Heroine Review

The combat felt dull for me. The reason the combat felt dull comes down to a lack of visual appeal and excitement within the battles. For the battles to be more exciting the characters should feel more alive, same with the enemies I was battling. The solution would have been to add additional movements to the enemies and characters when moving for an attack, which would have added visual excitement instead of what it is now.



Cosmic Star Heroine Review
Cosmic Star Heroine Review

The cutscenes when interacting with events add onto the gameplay in a complementing way towards telling the storyline allowing for a richer and deep gameplay.

For example, in the first mission when Alyssa found a box inside the alleyway which contained a bungee gun. When Alyssa shot the bungee gun up towards the top of the alley guiding herself to the top of the building. Once she arrived at her destination on top of the roof Alyssa found a friend named, “Chahn”.

Chahn performed a perfect example of a cutscene that added onto the storyline showing what happened when she destroyed the guards. We could of not have seen any cutscene at all and the final verdict of what happened, her killing them. Which would have not of added to the storyline if we did not see the cutscene. The same principle has been applied to the rest of the gameplay, if there’s no cutscene when an event happens, it doesn’t add to the overall storyline telling experience.



Ah, the retro tunes. I think the tunes compliment the graphics and style of Cosmic Star Heroine quite well. The old fashioned 2D pixel style graphics work well the retro music. In the end, the music combined with the pixel 2D old-fashioned art style starts feeling like a retro game.


Should I buy or wait for a sale?

The game is not worth full price, especially over $10. I would wait for the game to be discounted, add it to your wishlist. Wait a few months, the game will come down in price to met consumers at a reasonable amount of money to pay for Cosmic Star Heroine.

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