Automata Cancelled for Xbox One

After a lengthy and highly suspenseful wait on if it will be released on Xbox One, Japanese based developers Platinum Games have revealed that their upcoming action game Nier: Automata will not be releasing on Microsoft’s console.
Yosuke Saito, head Producer of Platinum Games, explained that due to the disappointing sales of the console in Japan, they made the difficult decision to cancel the port. He also added that the choice wasn’t based on choosing a “Better” console but simply a development decision. Saito continued to explain that since making the choice, the team is now free to focus on a single platform, allowing Platinum to pay more attention to increasing the overall quality of the graphics and improve the technical aspects across the board of the anticipated action Game.
The news was met with disappointment from the Xbox gaming community, with many users voicing their displeasure upon hearing the news. Speculation on the decision is still rampant, as many believe another factor in the ceasing of Neir’s Xbox One development was due to the cancellation of Scalebound for Xbox One last month as well, another project that Platinum Games had been working on. While Scalebound was successfully released on the Xbox 360, the intense action RPG strangely didn’t see the light of day on the latest generation console, which was no doubt disappointing for eager Xbox One users.
Other gamers argue that a port to the Xbox One still could happen and that Platinum Games are waiting to see how sales are for the PS4 and PC platforms before going ahead with a further port.
This theory seems to be a more logical explanation, as Platinum Games is an independent company. This means without backing from any major platform, each financial investment they make is incredibly risky.

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