Xbox One S Dominates the Console Market as Christmas Approaches

Microsoft has been lagging behind in the console wars since its May 2013 launch of its eighth generation video console, the Xbox One. But it would seem the tide is turning with sales believed to have hit the 20 million mark a far cry from the 200 million units mark that the former head of the Xbox division, Don Mattrick had envisioned for the console but still a good sign with data from the NPD group actually showing that things may be going even better for Microsoft than it appeared with the Xbox One topping sales in two months.

Microsoft shows off the release of the Xbox One S which has a futuristic feel and look that intensifies the gamer experience. There are other updates such as HDR support, a sleeker more ergonomic design that allows users to put it on its side and save space as well as Bluetooth support for its joypad. Also, IR blaster which adds universal remote control capabilities to the equation has given Microsoft the edge it needed to compete with Sony’s PS4 Slim and Pro editions.

The initial emphases on Kinect, which actually interfered with the resolution and frame rates of the console according to users. On making the Xbox One an all-in-one media system had a huge impact on the sales of the console throwing it into the deep end when contrasted with the PS4. The PS4 which had a number of factors that made it more appealing to gamers such as virtual reality, sleeker design, better resolution and frame rates, the exclusives that users got to enjoy with PS4 and game streaming. However, Xbox One reveals Microsoft pulled out all the stops to ensure that Xbox One became a favorite with gamers. Bringing new exclusives onto the table, running 4k video and generally tapping into the 4K market which makes it better for the family. As well as including HDR processing and pulling in the younger crowds with its content including Call of Duty and Fifa. The new phase of console wars is shaping up to be quite the experience for gamers.