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What is Boozy Dwarf?


Boozy Dwarf allows players to embark on a journey as timid muscular dwarf looking to make a name for himself. This is a classic fantasy RPG about dwarfs, with their beards and everything else they do… Dwarfs are known to be drunk as hell, and Boozy Dwarf delivers us that dwarf drunken experience on PC, Mac, Linux. The word boozy was used in the title of the video game so we can only expect our dwarf to be “Boozy”. Gamers can expect a sandbox experience from the start of the game. With around 40 hours of nonlinear gameplay.

Is Boozy Dwarf worth your time?

It’s unclear on the direction this indie game is going to take, it’s seemed to be more of a joke than an actual release. Judging from the steam greenlight page, the developer has not put any details of what the game is going to be and the features planning to be added. It’s clear Boozy Dwarf is going to be an early access game planned to be released in Spring 2017. Boozy Dwarf was greenlit 23 November.

My thoughts:

The game has potential if it’s taken seriously and Fly’s Workshop adds more gameplay content. I would like to play Boozy Dwarf if it includes drunk dwarfs and lots of jokes about dwarfs being drunk. Talking from a realistic standpoint for me to play this game. I would need a sandbox experience, I would like to interact and be able to influence other dwarfs to join my army and build a civilization. Being raided and being able to raid other civilizations would be a bonus that will keep me interested. Right now, it’s unclear on what this game is, the only thing is known is Fly’s Workshop loves to talk about the drunk dwarfs on his steam greenlight page.

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