3 Reasons Why You Enjoyed NBA 2K17

This is TryGamers 3 reasons why you enjoyed NBA 2K17. For those who haven’t played the game or have played the game should sit back and read our three entertaining reasons. Ready, let’s dribble to reason number 1.

NBA 2K17 Continually Scores With It’s Basket Ball Career Realism.

NBA 2K17 Gameplay
NBA 2K17 Gameplay

The developers at 2K sports have created a game that reflects the realism of a successful NBA career down to the tiny details. Not everything is perfect and strikes literal realism, but it’s as close to realistic basketball recreation seen in a video game yet.

The game “NBA 2K17” has done a great job at portraying what a real NBA career would be like, from the beginning to the end of an NBA career, NBA 2K17 creates that experience from our home gaming entertainment systems. I can choose what team I’d like to play, I may even have a choice of the height of my character, I can even have a say when it comes to the length of his arms. The cool thing is, all of those specific details, like the length of that player’s arms or his height, affects each player on the court. With all that being said, those are some of the features giving us an example of the extensive customization available.

Life is created in each cutscene.

It’s our career, 2K sports knew that, so they have created cut scenes related to our character. Some of those cut-scenes show off my characters skills on the court or my NBA players interactions with other characters. NBA 2K17 has to deliver a simulation of a complete NBA career to be truly the best sports game of 2016. Does this year NBA game create a realistic sports simulation for most? Well, I can certainly say each scene brings light into the game, and each cut scene fills in an empty moment and from there starts to create a moment from the beginning to the end of scenes I watched. I have played heaps of sports games including the new FIFA 17 and Madden NFL 17 and those games could not offer me a personable career experience like NBA 2K17 has. Below is a few cut scenes that show an example of what I am talking about:

MyCareer Feels Like “My Career”.

NBA 2K has stepped up their game from their previous NBA 2K16, making NBA 2K17 a more personal experience. It’s the cut-scenes that deliver such a fantastic experience, the cut-scenes are what deliver a connection between our NBA player and us. Without the cut-scenes between games, the experience would not be the same. Without each cutscene, our relationship to the NBA player would feel nonexistent. We wouldn’t care about our player without the cut-scenes considering they are creating that personal connection. I have noticed in each cut-scene there’s a glimpse of a connection attempting to be created between me and my NBA player, it’s not a noticeable effect, but subtle. With that being said, suddenly the cut-scenes seem to be wildly important in creating an experience that we can connect to.

In my mind, a good game is one that either creates fun gameplay that entertains us or a game that creates a unique experience by being personable. That’s precisely what NBA 2K17 does better than each sports game I have played.

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