Things to Consider Before Purchasing PS4 Pro

Recently Sony officially released the PS4 Pro after being unveiled back in early September, just a month before the release of Sony’s PS4 VR headset. Three years prior to today the PS4 console had been at a price of $399.99 still a $100 cheaper than the Xbox One, however, to your average casual gamer the price is still quite high, as of right now the current pricing of upgrading to the Pro is $399.99. So say you are on a tight budget like me with thoughts of upgrading consoles in the future while minimizing that god awful buyers regret well, here’s where we consider if the PROS outweigh the CONS!

Gamers seek PS4 Pro’s performance.

Performance is what gamers are really looking for when considering a console, I mean a company could release the most beautiful, luxurious gold plated console and although it would appeal to the eyes if it doesn’t perform well enough to run modern games then forget it. In today’s age of gaming, the ability to produce strong graphics along with a reliable well performing system is standard, the PS4 proved itself to be that how much more could the PS4 Pro push compared to its three-year-old predecessor?

Below are two videos which compare both the PS4 Pro and PS4 Slim in a stress test and a frame rate comparison.
Stress Test, footage provided by DigitalFoundry

From what we can observe the PS4 Pro offers better frame rates by 10-15 frames more per second, though not always being able to maintain the 60fps benchmark.

Frame rate test, footage provided by DigitalFoundry.

During the frame rate test, it seems like the PS4 Pro at times ran the remastered games quite similar to the PS4, there are some noticeable improvements but nothing mind blowing.

Visually, the PS4 Pro is your choice, assuming you own a 4K TV. A number of PS4 Pro 4K native titles have already been revealed for future release they include Bound, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition, and The Last Of Us Remastered. By the looks of a list posted on Reddit, most of these titles should be running at 60fps.
The full list can be found here, PlayStation 4 Pro 4K Games List.

With these things considered the PS4 Pro’s apparent potential lies in Virtual Reality. The headset which sits at $1,200 for the bundle and $399.99 for the headset alone offers a sharper and crisp experience when using it along with the Pro. So should you go ahead and go buy the new console? Well, in my opinion, I’d wait until the price goes down to a more reasonable amount, the improvements and 4K experience as nice as it does not win me over. Overall deciding if the Pro is worth buying or not depends on whether you enjoy the VR experience more than your typical controller and TV setup. If you’ve got the funds and really care about the improvements visually with slight performance boost the PS4 Pro could rightfully suit you!

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