Infinite Open World Survival Game Not Seen Before, Salt Review

Salt is an open world pirate styled adventure developed and published by Lavaboots Studios, with an infinite world for gamers to explore. May that be sailing your ship across the vast ocean looking for your next adventure, doing side quests or perhaps you feel like upgrading your ship. Salt offers you plenty of options to what you may want to do.

Plenty of main quests to complete and over fifty side quests found throughout our adventure featuring boss fights, we can be rest assured it will not be a boring day as a pirate. Or maybe, we would like to go looting throughout our adventure. We can do that.

As we progress through game-play we have a choices to upgrade our pirate ship or decorate it. With this feature we can make our ships truly our own. With plenty of customization features to play around with.

Salt Review
Salt Review

With game-play aside, we can take a look at the bigger picture. All tho, game-play is important. Its a overall experience of visual, sound, game-play that truly makes a game exceptional.

Salt has a unique art style, but its not ultra realistic art.

We can’t expect to have tipple A graphics. But, not having ultra realistic graphics is what gives Salt an interesting visual appeal. As you can see from some images below.

Salt Review
Salt Review

The sound within the Salt also is another strong point of this title, with overall healthy game-play variety mixed with a unique visuals we finally came up with our final score.

The graphics and effects within salt compliment the overall game-play, so we’ve given a rating of 9/10 for the visuals of Salt.

The overall game-play score is also a 9/10. Since players have a large variety of fun in-game activities.

Sound has been given a 7/10.

Salt on Steam

  • Visuals 9
  • Gameplay 9
  • Sound 7