Review: Kingdom New Lands Deserves Mainstream Fame

New expansion Kingdom New World brings life to Kingdom. Exploring new lands is one of the things we may do, with new levels brings new excitement. Designed and created by Thomas van den Berg, Marco Bancale and Published by Raw Fury Games.

When you strip away the graphics and only focus on “What we do” in the game is kind of genius, as a new king in the land, it is our responsibility to spend our coins wisely and keeping our citizens safe from the dark forces that roam the land. The game looks simple but yet brings a complex relaxing experience. Easily one of our favorite indie games.

The pixel feeling music fits perfectly in-game and enhances the overall gameplay experience, listen to the music by pressing the play button on the video above.

Forget about Drake or Adele, that music fits and brings the game to life.

The first time playing was confusing, we were unsure on how to properly manage our growing kingdom. After playing a few games we learned the skills to survive and with those skills we applied to our Kingdom land, after we learned to balance out each side of the wall with appropriate defense and growth our kingdom was flourishing with two grand farms giving us few dozen coins every night. We expanded too fast on one game thinking we could conquer the land quicker than the game proved, the game then punished us with giant troll on left side smashing all of the walls and people along the way to town center. The game takes more strategy than first realized.

The replayability is unreal, it’s Flappy Birds and Pokémon Go addictive.

We have never seen a more beautiful 2D pixelated game, the water reflection corresponds with the level design and music that offers a rich dynamic experience.

TryGamers gives Kingdom a 4 out of 5.

Graphics: The pixelated art and water blends into the rest of the gameplay, rich pixelated art with smooth animation on execution that appears almost new in its entity.

Sound: Pixelated music is an art, sometimes pixelated music ruins the overall experience and dulls the game to the point the game feels cheap. This time around, it’s not the case. The music fits like a block in Tetris perfectly fitting and showing off how rich the gameplay is.

Gameplay: Kingdom is and was an original idea. No game in the world has pulled off what Kingdom New Lands has. The simplicity of the game at first seems like a waste of time, it’s an illusion that is not a reality, in fact, the gameplay is simple and rich.

Some negatives: The problem Kingdom is faced with is the lack of content, the game stops progressing at a certain number of upgrades. In fact, the upgrades stop progressing so early that it is little ridiculous. After spending 30 coins on the HQ that will take about thirty minutes to do is a weak point and could use improving.

The enemies are always stronger than your Kingdom and never scale in reasonable difficulty. The enemies will come at you with all they got or come at you with weak attacks. The enemy never scales properly to point that feels fair.