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Pokemon Go 3 Step Glitch Affects Gamers

Pokemon go 3 step glitch
Pokemon go 3 step glitch

The whole point of Pokémon Go is to get out there and discover new Pokemon, however a brand-new problem has actually made that possibility tough for numerous gamers.

You are not alone if you have actually logged in just recently and saw that every single Pokemon around you is 3 actions away. Large numbers of trainers around the web are reporting the very same thing, and here at TryGamers some of our personnel has actually been struck with this nasty bug…

The 3 step bug problem has contributed to what has actually been a dreadful launch for Pokémon Go. In the meantime, I think I’m going to be capturing mainly Doduos and cursing at any unusual Pokemon teased by the Close-by tab.

No matter where you are or how much you stroll, the “Neighboring” tab will assert that each and every Pokémon is at an optimum range away. You can still come across Pokémon while experiencing this problem, however there’s no real method to hunt down a particular Pokémon.

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