PlayStation 4 Pro Games Experiencing Framerate Issues On Some Titles

In recent PS4 news Eurogamer has done gamers a favor and took an exclusive look into PlayStation 4 Pro’s performance, and what they found will surprise us all. The vast majority of PlayStation 4 Pro enhanced games happen to run fine at higher resolutions, up to 4K with more advanced anti-aliasing and other visual enhancements. The problems begin to present their self in a few games, Skyrim and The Last of Us have fallen short of the demonstrated framerate. Resulting in framerates falling short of their initial target, framerates of 30fps and 60fps when running at 1080P. Eurogamer has discovered an unusual mixed result with Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. Some scenes are presenting a worst framerate while others are showing better framerates on the PlayStation 4 Pro than the regular PlayStation 4.

PlayStation 4 Pro Games Experience Framerate Issues Across Multiple Titles.

For most gamers having their game run at a decent stable framerate is more important than graphical enhancements. According to Eurogamer, Sony’s own developer’s standards state that the PlayStation 4 Pro frame rates should be met or exceeded past the PlayStation 4. Sony has then responded to Eurogamer’s claims, saying :”We are aware of the issue and currently investigating.” Hopefully, these games can be fixed soon and the PlayStation 4 buyers receive what they have paid for across all their titles they own.

Source: Eurogamer

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