Planetbase Review

Planetbase Review

Well, I have officially killed my astronauts five times, I am the worst colonist.

What is Planetbase? We are overseeing and managing a colony on planets, our job is constructing. We are the god figures making sure the colony goes smoothly and no one dies. To help achieve our end goal, “building a massive colony” we have different kinds of buildings at our disposal. Like any colony, we need power and water, a place to sleep and eat. After all, this is a colony building RTS game.

Planetbase Building Options

Planetbase Building Options

The building options at first never fell short, but after playing for an hour the building options no longer seems like a good amount. Planetbase requires more buildings for us to play with, instead, we only have a selection of 20 basic buildings. After playing god for this colony for an hour, I think it’s fair to say that Planetbase needed more options and customization for my colony of men. It’s the same old, same thing. After an hour of playing I’m giving my colony of men a good fair well, no longer do I want to continue.

The problem lays in generic gameplay, without having change or new exciting people or things arriving to make this colony fresh, resulting in the game becoming stale.

The first hour was fun, don’t get me wrong. Figuring out how to play the game was the most fun I had, it’s sad to say, but the most fun I had playing this game was killing my astronauts. Finally, then something changed.

No one wants to pay ten bucks for an hour of fun. Madrugaworks should have added in new buildings as we progress or random events to mix up gameplay. Challenging us after we learned how to play, would have been a bonus. I was hoping for new people interactions or at least an alien, my colonist would have loved to see an alien for the first time.

I'm an avid gamer born in Canada.

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    You’re right, Planetbase needs more fun gameplay elements. Planetbase is decent all the way around but its never going to entertain us for more than forty minutes before we get bored and feel like were doing the same repetitive tasks, over and over again.

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