Twitch Streamer Beats Dark Souls with Dancing Pads

Twitch streamer and also Dark Souls fanatic ATwerkingYoshi has actually defeated Dark Souls 3 making use of 2 dancing pads as a controller. This is the tenth online game he’s finished utilizing this approach, with previous runs consisting of Super Mario 64, Kingdom Hearts 2 as well as Street Fighter 2: Turbo. Back in April, ATwerkingYoshi, that had actually never ever played Dark Souls 3 in ...[Read More]

Awesome Zelda Style RPG

Awesome Zelda style RPG coming soon to steam. More info about Zelda style RPG on Steam. Read more content, TryGamers Gaming Blog.

Are You Ready? For World of Warcraft Legion Pre Patch?

Tonight Blizzard applies most of the major mechanical changes of Legion to World of Warcraft, providing gamers six weeks in order to get used to the brand-new stuff just before the expansion pack release on August 30. What’s your plan of attack? Apart from leveling a gnome hunter, that is. I just gave away the vast larger part of my pre-expansion plans right there. I’m all about the gn...[Read More]

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