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Classic 16 Bit Disney Platformer: Aladdin, Lion King and Jungle Book


In the mid 90’s when Super Nintendo was popular, there was few platformer games based on Disney movies.

Over 20 years later, some of those platformers are back and on PC.

Great news, GOG.com has released three of fantastic classic platformers, some of the games include. Disney The Jungle Book, Disney The Lion King and Disney Aladdin. Right now the iconic Disney platformers are only on GOG.com and are discounted until August 7th.

Disney The Lion King Plateformer Game On GOG
Disney The Lion King Plateformer Game On GOG

The games will work on modern computers, almost any computer will be able to run the games because of how old the games are old and Disney Aladdin, The Jungle Book, The Lion King will run on almost any computer.

Each game is $11.79 at -10% discount from $13.09, regular price. We can get all three games for -33% discount price marked at $26.37 regular price (Canadian Dollar) for those of you who are looking to purchase the classic platformers made by Disney.

Disney The Jungle Book 16 Bit Platformer Game on GOG
Disney The Jungle Book 16 Bit Plateformer Game on GOG

King of Management Games and Best Free Game: Dwarf Fortress Review

Dwarf Fortress Review
Dwarf Fortress Review

Dwarf Fortress has grown to be a successful free game with over 100,000+ downloads and wildly active modding community shows us how deserving this project is for publicity.

Does free mean the game is a waste of time? Tarn Adams and Zach Adams chose for Dwarf Fortress to remain free for everyone made possible by donations from fans.

The Dwarf Fortress Experience.

The gameplay in DF is compared to simulation and management simulation style games, the “King of simulator games” the video game that started the cool idea of managing a colony of characters that are helpless and in need of someone saying what to do is the beginning of a bigger picture. Our job is to tell all of our dwarfs what to do and protect them from invaders that come to our land uninvited, the only way we can defend our kingdom is to properly prepare with weapons we forged from minerals found deep underground.

The long term goal is to protect your land and making sure none of your dwarfs happen to die.

When our game reviewer Pj Mischuk played Dwarf Fortress, he instantly fell in love with the game, he said, “The reason I am going to rate the game a star of 4.5/5 is because Dwarf Fortress offers complex management experience”.

The Only Problem Is The Graphics, That Can Be Easily Fixed.

One of the problems Dwarf Fortress is faced with is graphics, we would like to help solve the bad graphics by providing a download of Dwarf Fortress with enhanced graphics at the end of the post.

Fixing The Bad Graphics In Dwarf Fortress.

As promised you can find Dwarf Fortress starter pack by clicking the link found here.  Mac pack can be found here.


Outlast 2 Delayed? Red Barrel Explains

Outlast 2 Delayed
Outlast 2 Delayed

Red Barrels has unfortunately delayed their upcoming title Outlast 2 from planned release of 2016 to release date of sometime in Q1 2017.

The studio behind Outlast 2 is taking extra time to perfect their game. Red Barrel says, “Our mission as an indie studio is to deliver the best, most terrifying, most fulfilling experiences possible”. Their vision is no way compromised (studio said), we are going to be given the experience we deserve.

Source: Outlast 2 Delayed to 2017 – Facebook Post

The Australian Boomers featured in NBA 2K17 For First Time!

The Australian Boomers featured in NBA 2K17
The Australian Boomers featured in NBA 2K17

A first for the series, Australian national basketball team the Boomers will be included in NBA 2K17.

2K Games and Basketball Australia announced via press release this morning that the Australian Boomers will be the first non-US national team to be added to the NBA 2K franchise. The Boomers join Team USA as the only national teams in NBA 2K17.

“We are absolutely thrilled to be part of NBA 2K17,” said Anthony Moore, CEO of Basketball Australia. “We jumped at the chance to have our Australian Boomers in the game, and now Australian gamers can take on the world with Patty Mills, Matthew Dellavedova and Andrew Bogut together in the green and gold.”

Boomers player Patty Mills is excited about the inclusion, “It’s great to see 2K recognizing our nation’s growing impact on the sport with the inclusion of Team Australia in NBA 2K17.”

It is not clear why The Boomers were the first national team outside the US to get the NBA 2K special inclusion.

The full details of Boomers players in the game are:

David Andersen, Cameron Bairstow, Aron Baynes, Andrew Bogut, Ryan Broekhoff, Matthew Dellavedova, Dante Exum, Chris Goulding, Joe Ingles, Kevin Lisch, Damian Martin, Patrick Mills, Brock Motum.

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Dark Souls 3 Tears of Denial Glitch Lets Gamers Break The Game


It’s been a few months since Dark Souls 3 came out, and speedrunners have greatly reduced their game completion time due to a glitch that lets players cut through huge parts of the game.

Distortion2 hasn’t given up in the months since, slowly bringing down his overall game completion time for Dark Souls 3. When TryGamers last checked in on Distortion2, he’d finished the game in precisely an hour, 12 minutes, and 36 seconds. Since then, Distortion2 has halved that time.

Here’s Distortion2 most recent any% world record run:

(Any% means the speedrunners needs to finish the game as fast as possible. Difference is other speedruns require the player to beat every boss.)

One of the big reasons Distortion2 is able to pull this off is due to the teardrop glitch, in which players can cast the tears of denial spell to survive an intentional death. Tears of denial allows the player to hit 0 HP and then recover to 1 HP. The teardrop glitch is used by players to exploit a gap in the world geometry, one that should kill their character, and break the game.

Here’s what the teardrop glitch looks like in action:

Distortion2 and other speedrunners are then able to navigate their way to other parts of Dark Souls 3, skipping many so-called “required” bosses.

In a patch that went live, From Software removed this glitch:

“It will correct an issue allowing players to float in the air by using the miracle Denial.”

The patch shouldn’t stop speedrunners; they can merely refuse to update the game and play offline.

Source: Kotaku Dark Souls 3 Glitch Lets Speedrunners Completely Break The Game

Latest No Mans Sky trailer showing off combat


Watch Marcus Fenix in New Gears of War 4 Gameplay


Marcus Fenix is taking leading role in new upcoming Gears of War.

Gears of War 4 launch is less than three months away, and Microsoft is teasing their fans ahead of its October launch with a new look at the franchise hero Marcus Fenix. The campaign demo above shows the team, including a much older Marcus and his son J.D., taking down enemies after their village has been raided.

The seven-minute walk-through opens with Marcus’ voice, but do not expect to get a great look at him. 

gears of war 4 marcus Entertainment Weekly

The publisher told Entertainment Weekly that Marcus will be playable in the game’s multiplayer campaign and Horde Mode, which was last seen in Gears of War 2. Microsoft also uploaded a short tour through one of the new multiplayer maps, Forge.

Gears of War 4, one of Microsoft’s first cross-platform Play Anywhere titles, hits Windows PC and Xbox One on Oct. 11.

Source: Polygon Watch Marcus Fenix back in action in new Gears of War 4 gameplay

Nintendo Breaks Stock Market Record, Thanks to Pokemon Go


More excellent news for Nintendo’s share rates, as it has actually broken the record for the greatest every-day turnover in the Topix (Tokyo Stock Cost Index) this century.

Nintendo traded 476 billion yen ($ 4.5 billion) on Friday alone, which climaxed which was formerly held by energy business Tokyo Electric.
Nintendo likewise vanquished other business on the list such as SoftBank, Mizuho, Nippon Steel, and Aiful.

It’s the current in a long list of profit-soaked headlines for the video gaming giant. that Recently we discovered Nintendo’s share cost had actually leapt 70 percent because of the release of Pokemon Go.

More Gaming News : Pokemon Go 3 Step Glitch Affects Gamers. More content, TryGamers Gaming Blog.

Pokemon Go 3 Step Glitch Affects Gamers

Pokemon go 3 step glitch
Pokemon go 3 step glitch

The whole point of Pokémon Go is to get out there and discover new Pokemon, however a brand-new problem has actually made that possibility tough for numerous gamers.

You are not alone if you have actually logged in just recently and saw that every single Pokemon around you is 3 actions away. Large numbers of trainers around the web are reporting the very same thing, and here at TryGamers some of our personnel has actually been struck with this nasty bug…

The 3 step bug problem has contributed to what has actually been a dreadful launch for Pokémon Go. In the meantime, I think I’m going to be capturing mainly Doduos and cursing at any unusual Pokemon teased by the Close-by tab.

No matter where you are or how much you stroll, the “Neighboring” tab will assert that each and every Pokémon is at an optimum range away. You can still come across Pokémon while experiencing this problem, however there’s no real method to hunt down a particular Pokémon.

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Twitch Streamer Beats Dark Souls with Dancing Pads


Twitch streamer and also Dark Souls fanatic ATwerkingYoshi has actually defeated Dark Souls 3 making use of 2 dancing pads as a controller.

This is the tenth online game he’s finished utilizing this approach, with previous runs consisting of Super Mario 64, Kingdom Hearts 2 as well as Street Fighter 2: Turbo.

Back in April, ATwerkingYoshi, that had actually never ever played Dark Souls 3 in the past, started his dancing pad run of the video game. After 44 hrs of online game time and also 364 overall fatalities, he getting rid of last boss Soul of Cinder on his 3rd shot.

The streamer prepares to grasp Dark Souls 3 on DK bongos next off, however initially he means to finish the video game the old made method: with a controller.

Source: ATwerkingYoshi on Reddit

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