Review: Kingdom New Lands Deserves Mainstream Fame

New expansion Kingdom New World brings life to Kingdom. Exploring new lands is one of the things we may do, with new levels brings new excitement. Designed and created by Thomas van den Berg, Marco Bancale and Published by Raw Fury Games. When you strip away the graphics and only focus on “What we do” in the game is kind of genius, as a new king in the land, it is our responsibility to spend our c...[Read More]

How to Install Mods into RimWorld Step by Step Guide

This is how to install mods into RimWorld, let’s begin. Step One: What you want to do is find a website with mods on it, few sites include “NexusMods, Ludian Studio Forums”. Step Two: Once you have found the mod you want to install, download the file and extract it to an empty folder. Step Three: Once you have a folder and the mod inside. Make you are copying one file, more files should be i...[Read More]

Unity Support is coming for Facebook

The announcement was posted on Facebook’s page for developers by product marketing manager Jack King Choi. Developers may now sign up on the page to request quick access to the closed alpha, and also will be able to port games built in Unity version 5.4+ to Facebook platform. “Unity will be integrating support for the Facebook platform”. There’s work currently being done to build new f...[Read More]

Pokémon Go Cheaters Punished and Banned

Like a Team Rocket masterplan, cheating would not get you far. Developer Niantic has now started wielding its banhammer to block naughty Pokémon Go players from its game. We’ve seen reports of people breaking Pokémon Go, glitching its GPS services and other silly schemes. Early this week someone worked out how to install Pokémon eggs in gyms, causing the locations to become forever broken. t...[Read More]

How to Properly Position as ADC in League of Legends + TIPS

This post is dedicated to League of Legends players who are looking to become a better ADC carry. Today we will be focusing on two main areas, team fight positioning and laning phase positioning. AD carries can destroy summoners in seconds, but one wrong move will have an entire team dive your position losing you game after game. Follow these two steps and put our tips to action and you”ll b...[Read More]

World of Warcraft is Releasing Their Sixth Expansion Pack, Legion

Classes are changing in World of Warcraft with the upcoming expansion Legion, some classes like the Death Knight, Hunter, Mage are benefiting from class updates. You can also preview the changes to each hero class that will be a part of the expansion pack on this page here. In other news, there’s a reason why Blizzard does not add new stuff in every expansion. According to polygon , “I...[Read More]

Metal Gear Survive: Disliked Four Player co-op?

Konami isn’t going to let the loss of Hideo Kojima stop them from using the metal gear license, Konami announced a new game in the franchise: Metal Gear Survive. Metal Gear Survive is coming in 2017 for Xbox One, Play Station 4 and PC. It’s described as a co-op survival game. Official trailer below: Press Release: METAL GEAR SURVIVE picks up from the ending of METAL GEAR SOLID V: GROUND ZEROES, to...[Read More]

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare and information we know

Developer Infinity Ward is developing the next call of duty called, “Call of Duty Infinite Warfare”. We will be going over what you should expect from the game. Now let’s take a look at Black Sky gameplay video. According to , ”Infinite Warfare delivers three unique game modes: Campaign returns to the gritty, large-scale war roots of the franchise. Multiplayer delivers n...[Read More]

No Man’s Sky: PC vs PS4 Graphical Comparison Prediction

First off, we are explaining the settings of the PC version. After we explain the settings of the PC version, we’re going to see if PC version will look better then PS4 version of No Man’s Sky. Let’s take a look at the settings. Unlike the PS4 version, No Man’s Sky on the PC will let players remove their HUD – useful feature for capturing screen shots and currently missing setting for ...[Read More]

The Witcher Shown Support During Olympics

This is Vitalina Batsarashkina, a 19-year-old Russian shooter and immense fan of The Witcher, who additionally won a silver medal at the Olympics earlier this week in the 10m Air Pistol. Image above is a close-up of the shooting glasses she wore during the event, featuring a design of a Witcher medallion. Just in case you think “well, that could just be any wolf”, look here: That is a witcher embl...[Read More]

Rayman Origins Free Starting Next Week

The game Rayman Origins will be free to download for a month, starting next week. You’ll be able to download the platformer without charge on Wednesday 17th of August, Rayman Origins will be replacing Splinter Cell as Ubisoft’s freebie game of the month. All of this is in celebration of Ubisoft’s 30th anniversary year. The free games will continue until December and require you t...[Read More]

Best HDR 10 TVs for Xbox One S

With the recent release of the Xbox One S, the buzz surrounding the console is the new HDR and 4k capability. But there seems to be some confusion between which brand of television supports HDR 10 which is the HDR version that is supported by the Xbox One S. When it comes to HDR and game console capability you may need to do some homework. It seems that there are 2 different kinds of HDR which are...[Read More]

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