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NBA 2K VR Version Available Revealing 13 New Achievements


The VR has seen neglection from most sports video games genre till now. 2K sports has announced the release of VR version for NBA 2K17 for the Play Station 4 . The virtual reality version of NBA 2K17 includes series of minigames for $14.99 now available on PlayStation 4, Samsung Gear VR and HTC Vive.

Instead of a virtual reality version of the game. Gamers are getting a different type of game narrated by NBA 2K17’s game’s cover athlete Paul George.

Players play a series of timed challenges once in the game: three-point shootout mode and the buzzer beater and more. Also, attaining Gatorade boosts in the game will allow you to earn attribute points.

The trailer looks impressive and it’s fair to say that VR will make a perfect addition to the sports game series. With virtual reality sports games becoming more frequent we might run into a few problems. One of the problems we’ll face is virtual reality sports games with current technology limits the gamers ability to become stimulated once inside virtual reality. Since current technology can not beat the realism of playing basketball in real life. With that being said, if NBA 2K17 can not provide accurate virtual reality in the way a player interacts with the world. Another problem we might encounter is sports game we are playing will become apparent that it’s no longer stimulated our needs for a digital version of what having a basketball career would be like.


NBA 2K17 VR Trophy List.

There’s a trophy list leak discovered by Exophase. Showing 13 achievements which can be viewed below. Some of these minigames include Trickster: Skills Challenge Course, Friend Zone: Party Tournament, Three Point Master: Don’t miss a single shot on pro difficulty.

Complete any Skills Challenge Course, on any difficulty, in SOLO mode.

Complete a Three-Point game, on any difficulty, in SOLO mode.

Complete a Time Attack game, on any difficulty, in SOLO mode.

Party Time
Complete any Party Single Event, on any difficulty (main user only).

Friend Zone
Complete a Party Tournament, on any difficulty (main user only).

Fueled Up
Consume every type of boost, and complete a game with each boost, in SOLO mode.

Tricked Out
Unlock all Skills Challenge Courses, on any difficulty, in SOLO mode.

The Alternator
Sink every other shot in a Three-Point game, on any difficulty, in SOLO mode.

Ultimate Challenger
Reach challenge 10 (and sink the basket successfully) on Buzzer Beater, in SOLO mode.

Three-Point Master
Complete a Three-Point game without missing a single shot, on Pro difficulty, in SOLO mode.

Time Lord
Achieve a catch-to-release time of less than 10.0 seconds and never miss a shot, on Pro or All-Star difficulty in Buzzer Beater, in SOLO mode.

Sink King
Complete a Time Attack game without missing a single shot, on any difficulty, with at least 15 successful baskets, in SOLO mode.

Missin’ Impossible
Complete Course 10 of Skills Challenge on All-Star difficulty, without a single miss, in SOLO mode.

Source: Polygon 

NBA 2K17 Free For Entire Weekend On Xbox One

NBA 2K17 Free For Entire Weekend On Xbox One
NBA 2K17 Free For Entire Weekend On Xbox One

NBA 2K17 will be playable for free this weekend on Xbox On. The only downfall is you’ll need an Xbox live gold subscription to have access. It’s not a trial or a demo, but a full game. Are you ready to shoot some hoops?

Xbox gold members can download NBA 2K17 starting at 12 PM EST, 9 AM PST on Friday, November 18th. The game will be playable from Friday until 11:59 PM PST on Monday, November 21 until the time 3 AM EST on Tuesday. You can grab your freebie on Xbox Store or by going through the Gold Member area in the Xbox One dashboard, it’s that easy.

For those who are interested in continuing to play NBA 2K17 past Monday, the game will be part of the Xbox Live’s Black Friday sale that begins tomorrow. According to Xbox Wire, the game will be 30-40% off during the sale.

Source: GamesSpot

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Things to Consider Before Purchasing PS4 Pro

PS4 Pro
PS4 Pro

Recently Sony officially released the PS4 Pro after being unveiled back in early September, just a month before the release of Sony’s PS4 VR headset. Three years prior to today the PS4 console had been at a price of $399.99 still a $100 cheaper than the Xbox One, however, to your average casual gamer the price is still quite high, as of right now the current pricing of upgrading to the Pro is $399.99. So say you are on a tight budget like me with thoughts of upgrading consoles in the future while minimizing that god awful buyers regret well, here’s where we consider if the PROS outweigh the CONS!

Gamers seek PS4 Pro’s performance.

Performance is what gamers are really looking for when considering a console, I mean a company could release the most beautiful, luxurious gold plated console and although it would appeal to the eyes if it doesn’t perform well enough to run modern games then forget it. In today’s age of gaming, the ability to produce strong graphics along with a reliable well performing system is standard, the PS4 proved itself to be that how much more could the PS4 Pro push compared to its three-year-old predecessor?

Below are two videos which compare both the PS4 Pro and PS4 Slim in a stress test and a frame rate comparison.
Stress Test, footage provided by DigitalFoundry

From what we can observe the PS4 Pro offers better frame rates by 10-15 frames more per second, though not always being able to maintain the 60fps benchmark.

Frame rate test, footage provided by DigitalFoundry.

During the frame rate test, it seems like the PS4 Pro at times ran the remastered games quite similar to the PS4, there are some noticeable improvements but nothing mind blowing.

Visually, the PS4 Pro is your choice, assuming you own a 4K TV. A number of PS4 Pro 4K native titles have already been revealed for future release they include Bound, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition, and The Last Of Us Remastered. By the looks of a list posted on Reddit, most of these titles should be running at 60fps.
The full list can be found here, PlayStation 4 Pro 4K Games List.

With these things considered the PS4 Pro’s apparent potential lies in Virtual Reality. The headset which sits at $1,200 for the bundle and $399.99 for the headset alone offers a sharper and crisp experience when using it along with the Pro. So should you go ahead and go buy the new console? Well, in my opinion, I’d wait until the price goes down to a more reasonable amount, the improvements and 4K experience as nice as it does not win me over. Overall deciding if the Pro is worth buying or not depends on whether you enjoy the VR experience more than your typical controller and TV setup. If you’ve got the funds and really care about the improvements visually with slight performance boost the PS4 Pro could rightfully suit you!

Sources: TechTimes, ExtremeTech, CNET, TheTech52

Everything You Need To Know About Overwatch Update 2.0

Overwatch Update 2.0 Sombra
Overwatch Update 2.0 Sombra

Overwatch update 2.0, delivers a new character called Sombra to the roster of heroes, is now live on all platforms, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

Overwatch Update 2.0 Sombra
Overwatch Update 2.0 Sombra

The latest update to Overwatch, update 2.0 adds a new map, Ecopoint Antarctica. The update also features a new Arcade mode. The Arcade mode grants players the ability to earn extra loot and experience, the perfect opportunity for those who are seeking for an advantage.

Players may now jump straight into the action playing as Sombra, but before you do check out the video at the end of this post to learn extra tips and tricks.

Overwatch Update 2.0 Ecopoint Antarctica
Overwatch Update 2.0 Ecopoint Antarctica

The full patch notes can be found here.

We have some more great news, Ecopoint Antarctica, the map launched in update 2.0 (the image above shows the map) will also be accompanied by another map called Oasis. Not much is known about the release of Oasis, what we do know is the map will be released sometime in December.

The video below shows tips and tricks for the new hero introduced into Overwatch’s update 2.0.

Source: Polygon

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PlayStation 4 Pro Games Experiencing Framerate Issues On Some Titles


In recent PS4 news Eurogamer has done gamers a favor and took an exclusive look into PlayStation 4 Pro’s performance, and what they found will surprise us all. The vast majority of PlayStation 4 Pro enhanced games happen to run fine at higher resolutions, up to 4K with more advanced anti-aliasing and other visual enhancements. The problems begin to present their self in a few games, Skyrim and The Last of Us have fallen short of the demonstrated framerate. Resulting in framerates falling short of their initial target, framerates of 30fps and 60fps when running at 1080P. Eurogamer has discovered an unusual mixed result with Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. Some scenes are presenting a worst framerate while others are showing better framerates on the PlayStation 4 Pro than the regular PlayStation 4.

PlayStation 4 Pro Games Experience Framerate Issues Across Multiple Titles.

For most gamers having their game run at a decent stable framerate is more important than graphical enhancements. According to Eurogamer, Sony’s own developer’s standards state that the PlayStation 4 Pro frame rates should be met or exceeded past the PlayStation 4. Sony has then responded to Eurogamer’s claims, saying :”We are aware of the issue and currently investigating.” Hopefully, these games can be fixed soon and the PlayStation 4 buyers receive what they have paid for across all their titles they own.

Source: Eurogamer

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What You Need To Know About FIFA 17 Update 2 Patch Notes

FIFA 17 Update 2 Patch Notes
FIFA 17 Update 2 Patch Notes

FIFA has recently received update #2 from EA on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and the PC. The latest patch notes reveal several important fixes including a fix for player face rendering for accurate character likeness and various frame rate and audio issue fixes.

FIFA 17 Update 2 Patch Notes Implement Important Visual/Presentation Changes.

EA has also released visual/presentation changes for FIFA 17, including, general overlay adjustments and an issue where the selected kit wasn’t the one used in-game. Important frame-rate fixes addressed the drop in frames during pre-match skill games and Spanish crowds now sound authentic when reacting to a goal we have scored. The last change on part of the list, black custom kits we use no longer clash with the referee kits.

Unfairness Is No Longer A Issue In FIFA 17 Pro Clubs With Update 2’s Changes.

Some fixes also address Pro Clubs, the flair trait is no longer restricted and available for all Pros. Also carrying over your virtual pro from the previous FIFA 16 correctly unlocks all of your passive traits. Players may no longer receive excessive skill points since the bug is now patched.

FIFA 17 Update 2 Patch Notes
FIFA 17 Update 2 Patch Notes

Important fixes have rolled out for audio and character speech issues. Fixes for German, Italian, Spanish, French and Mexican French audio and character speech have rolled out to the live game. Various presentation improvements have also made their way into the game. Players of FIFA 17 will be happy to hear that FIFA 17 will be a cleaner and more premium experience for those who update their game.

Update 2 Released For FIFA 17 Addresses Ultimate Team and Other Game Mode Issues.

The last update on the patch notes includes addressing issues in FIFA 17 Ultimate Team. The changes include general stability fixes in FIFA Ultimate Team and other game modes giving a smoother and less clunky gameplay.

For those who are interested in seeing the patch notes, they can be found below.

FIFA 17 Update #2 Patch Notes

Visual / Presentation changes:

  • Several new or updated player faces rendered for accurate character likeness.
  • General overlay adjustments.
  • Addressed an issue where the selected kit isn’t the one used in-game.
  • Addressed frame-rate issue during pre-match skill game.
  • Spanish crowds now use the authentic audio when reacting to a goal.
  • Black custom kits no longer clash with referee kits.

Addressed the following in Pro Clubs:

  • The flair trait is now available for all Pros.
  • Carrying over your Virtual Pro from FIFA 16 now correctly unlocks all passive traits.
  • An issue where players could receive excessive skill points.

In The Journey:

  • Localized audio and character speech for the following: German, French, Italian, Spanish, and Mexican Spanish.
  • Various presentation improvements.

Addressed the following in FIFA Ultimate Team:

  • General stability fixes in FIFA Ultimate Team and other online game modes.

EA has stated to fix various issues regarding face rendering and frame-rate issues. Owners of the game are advised to update as soon as they can to access the benefits of FIFA 17 update 2

Source: IDigitalTimes

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Fans Are Excited About Steve Nash Being Added Into NBA 2K17


A recent update to NBA 2K17 has added a big time player to the courts. Since fans were not happy with the lack of basketball superstars to choose from 2K sports has added a new addition to the team, Steve Nash. The game developer explained, since Nash is retired from the NBA, adding him to NBA 2K17 required a licensing agreement which took time to be finalized.

Let’s take a look away from Steve Nash for a moment and talk about what gamers are looking forward to in NBA 2K17. The fans of the franchise are not satisfied yet with the roster selection at hand. More names of possible new players have arisen, Reggie Miller and Rasheed Wallace might be added into the game, but it’s not set in stone yet. There’s still a hefty chance these players will be new adition into NBA 2K17’s squads, negotiations for their inclusion may take more time then we would like. 2K sports still requires to add these players into the game after proper negotiations have been met. Fans hopes are high, will 2K sports deliver us more game content?

Now let’s take our focus back onto Steve Nash the newly added player to NBA 2K17. Gamers may now jump straight into NBA 2K17 and enjoy the hot fresh content, will there be more players on the way… We will keep you updated. What NBA players would you like added into NBA 2K17’s roster?

Source: Gamenguide

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Mafia 3 on PC is Locked to 30FPS

Mafia 3 on PC is Locked to 30FPS
Mafia 3 on PC is Locked to 30FPS

If you are a fan of the Mafia franchise, then you will be very disappointed to know that the latest installment, Mafia 3 on PC is locked to 30fps. This is a shocking news for many considering it is a game released in 2016 where PC and consoles have evolved to the point that 30fps is not acceptable. Even though many users believed that the lock would apply to the review version that was sent to publications, it has been confirmed that the Steam/retail version will arrive while locked at 30fps.

The news is not well received since the Hangar 13 did not release any public review copies. Many gamers believe that the reason the company did not release any review of the triple A title was due to the lock. It is predicted that the game is the final release copy, and this would be a significant issue that will mean many gamers will avoid buying the game. Currently, a large number of negative posts have shown on steam with many buyers stating that they will not purchase the game unless the game studio decides to fix the issue.

The issue of games being locked to 30fps is not something new. Many of the latest games need some serious computing power to play well. Mafia 3 is not an exception as it will need very reasonable specs to enjoy the game. However, it is not valid to say that the game has been locked at 30fps to ensure that it plays well in many computers considering that the review version was played on a PC with some decent specs. However, all we can do is hope that 2K and Hangar 13 will heed to the demands by loyal fans and release an update soon.

The news about the low frame was first revealed by Andy Kelly from PC Gamer who was trying out the review copy. Even after reducing the screen resolution to 720p, the game was still locked at 30fps. However, Hangar 13 have already confirmed that they will fix the issue with an update in the near future. Furthermore, they also promised to include some post-launch tweaks on PC that allows gamers to have more control over the experience in the game. Until then, gamers have to make do with the 30fps.

Since the PC game has not been released officially, there is time for the game developer to release a patch to fix the issue. Having the patch released on the day of release is possible. The game is slated for release on October 7 on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

NBA 2K17 Shot Creator Pro Grand Badge Confirmed and Here’s How You Unlock It


NBA 2K17 fans have been finding ways on obtaining badges in NBA 2K17. 2K games have confirmed how to unlock several badges, including shot creator pro grand badge. 2K games gameplay producer Zach Timmerman explained, earning any of the grand badges requires players to perform above average in certain categories based on your player’s archetype.

Zimmerman tweeted out the authentic way of obtaining Twitter, Zimmerman said, players looking to achieve the badge should have “games of dominance.” Zimmerman took to twitter answering fans questions regarding the best way of unlocking NBA 2K17 grand badges. Zimmerman then shared how to unlock the shot creator pro grand badge . He revealed that “playing several games making a ton of off-the-dribble shots at a good percentage” eventually unlocks the badge.

Here’s a video on how to unlock NBA 2K17 Shot Creator Pro Grand Badge, by a video maker named Flock.

Now that official information on obtaining the grand badges has been revealed. Players are effortlessly unlocking high valued badges, taking their NBA career to the next level with their newly found bling.

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