Hands on Obduction Review: Cyan Worlds Designed Award Worthy Game

Warning: This post contains 1920×1080 maxed out settings screen shots, this post may load slowly.

Obduction was designed by Rand Miller and published by Cyan Worlds on August 24th, 2016 for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS.

TryGamers.com follows three review criteria, the first criteria, sound, the second criteria, visuals and the last criteria, gameplay. Sound, visuals, gameplay will determine the outcome of the score at the end of the post.

Obduction is one of the most unique and challenging puzzle games reviewed by us, Obduction is solely an adventure puzzle game masterpiece.

The storyline: the game starts us off by a lake with shooting fireworks narrated by an unknown voice. At first, our character is unsure, we follow the fireworks and end up abducted. Unusually we are sent to an unknown world.

Gameplay: Once at this unknown world, players will begin to notice how attractive and lush the environment is, how enjoyable it is to walk around on Free-Roam mode looking at parts of the level. The level design is flawlessly well thought out. The stunning level design gives us the motive to explore and complete each puzzle to progress to the next area. The puzzles aren’t obvious. The puzzles require focus and use of the brain to finish.

Visuals: Performance related the game is well optimized and looks exceptional, well thought out level detail like we’re playing Half Life 3 puzzle style. In every part of the level, the attention to detail begins to show, from the random paths that take us nowhere to the house we see on the first level, the detail shows and deserves to be noticed.

Look at the visuals below:

Obduction Review Screen Shot of The Game
Obduction Review Screen Shot of The Game

Sound: The in-game sound is minimalistic, only some objects or things will produce sound. While existing sound creates a mysterious and adventurous vibe.

Gameplay: This video game is a worthy example of 5-star puzzle/adventure game. This game will be an example of one of the best original puzzle/adventure game improved by Myst mistakes for years to come.

Gameplay: The puzzles start off easy and get progressively more difficult confusing us until we understand how to complete each puzzle. The game will have us start a train generator up to fuel electricity to each part of the level or flow water down a river, each puzzle makes sense and feels worth doing. The gameplay is award winning, no other game has retained my attention like Obduction does. Progressing through each level feels fun and enjoyable.

We would like to know what happened to our character and why he’s Obducted. I have grown to like Obduction a lot over a period of time of playing the game and not many games have satisfied me with an enjoyable experience like Obduction has.

Picture of the train generator puzzle:

Obduction Train Generator Level
Obdcution Train Generator Level

Picture of the river puzzle:

Obduction Review River Puzzle
Obduction Review River Puzzle

TryGamers.com awards Obduction with 5/5, excellent gameplay and visuals combined created a game worth recommending.

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