NBA 2K VR Version Available Revealing 13 New Achievements

The VR has seen neglection from most sports video games genre till now. 2K sports has announced the release of VR version for NBA 2K17 for the Play Station 4 . The virtual reality version of NBA 2K17 includes series of minigames for $14.99 now available on PlayStation 4, Samsung Gear VR and HTC Vive.

Instead of a virtual reality version of the game. Gamers are getting a different type of game narrated by NBA 2K17’s game’s cover athlete Paul George.

Players play a series of timed challenges once in the game: three-point shootout mode and the buzzer beater and more. Also, attaining Gatorade boosts in the game will allow you to earn attribute points.

The trailer looks impressive and it’s fair to say that VR will make a perfect addition to the sports game series. With virtual reality sports games becoming more frequent we might run into a few problems. One of the problems we’ll face is virtual reality sports games with current technology limits the gamers ability to become stimulated once inside virtual reality. Since current technology can not beat the realism of playing basketball in real life. With that being said, if NBA 2K17 can not provide accurate virtual reality in the way a player interacts with the world. Another problem we might encounter is sports game we are playing will become apparent that it’s no longer stimulated our needs for a digital version of what having a basketball career would be like.


NBA 2K17 VR Trophy List.

There’s a trophy list leak discovered by Exophase. Showing 13 achievements which can be viewed below. Some of these minigames include Trickster: Skills Challenge Course, Friend Zone: Party Tournament, Three Point Master: Don’t miss a single shot on pro difficulty.

Complete any Skills Challenge Course, on any difficulty, in SOLO mode.

Complete a Three-Point game, on any difficulty, in SOLO mode.

Complete a Time Attack game, on any difficulty, in SOLO mode.

Party Time
Complete any Party Single Event, on any difficulty (main user only).

Friend Zone
Complete a Party Tournament, on any difficulty (main user only).

Fueled Up
Consume every type of boost, and complete a game with each boost, in SOLO mode.

Tricked Out
Unlock all Skills Challenge Courses, on any difficulty, in SOLO mode.

The Alternator
Sink every other shot in a Three-Point game, on any difficulty, in SOLO mode.

Ultimate Challenger
Reach challenge 10 (and sink the basket successfully) on Buzzer Beater, in SOLO mode.

Three-Point Master
Complete a Three-Point game without missing a single shot, on Pro difficulty, in SOLO mode.

Time Lord
Achieve a catch-to-release time of less than 10.0 seconds and never miss a shot, on Pro or All-Star difficulty in Buzzer Beater, in SOLO mode.

Sink King
Complete a Time Attack game without missing a single shot, on any difficulty, with at least 15 successful baskets, in SOLO mode.

Missin’ Impossible
Complete Course 10 of Skills Challenge on All-Star difficulty, without a single miss, in SOLO mode.

Source: Polygon