NBA 2K17 Shot Creator Pro Grand Badge Confirmed and Here’s How You Unlock It

NBA 2K17 fans have been finding ways on obtaining badges in NBA 2K17. 2K games have confirmed how to unlock several badges, including shot creator pro grand badge. 2K games gameplay producer Zach Timmerman explained, earning any of the grand badges requires players to perform above average in certain categories based on your player’s archetype.

Zimmerman tweeted out the authentic way of obtaining Twitter, Zimmerman said, players looking to achieve the badge should have “games of dominance.” Zimmerman took to twitter answering fans questions regarding the best way of unlocking NBA 2K17 grand badges. Zimmerman then shared how to unlock the shot creator pro grand badge . He revealed that “playing several games making a ton of off-the-dribble shots at a good percentage” eventually unlocks the badge.

Here’s a video on how to unlock NBA 2K17 Shot Creator Pro Grand Badge, by a video maker named Flock.

Now that official information on obtaining the grand badges has been revealed. Players are effortlessly unlocking high valued badges, taking their NBA career to the next level with their newly found bling.

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