Fans Are Excited About Steve Nash Being Added Into NBA 2K17

A recent update to NBA 2K17 has added a big time player to the courts. Since fans were not happy with the lack of basketball superstars to choose from 2K sports has added a new addition to the team, Steve Nash. The game developer explained, since Nash is retired from the NBA, adding him to NBA 2K17 required a licensing agreement which took time to be finalized.

Let’s take a look away from Steve Nash for a moment and talk about what gamers are looking forward to in NBA 2K17. The fans of the franchise are not satisfied yet with the roster selection at hand. More names of possible new players have arisen, Reggie Miller and Rasheed Wallace might be added into the game, but it’s not set in stone yet. There’s still a hefty chance these players will be new adition into NBA 2K17’s squads, negotiations for their inclusion may take more time then we would like. 2K sports still requires to add these players into the game after proper negotiations have been met. Fans hopes are high, will 2K sports deliver us more game content?

Now let’s take our focus back onto Steve Nash the newly added player to NBA 2K17. Gamers may now jump straight into NBA 2K17 and enjoy the hot fresh content, will there be more players on the way… We will keep you updated. What NBA players would you like added into NBA 2K17’s roster?

Source: Gamenguide

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