NBA 2K17: 5 Mycareer Tips and Tricks

NBA 2K17 has been released for some time now, and with it, game critics, gamers, and nongamers alike have arrived at the same conclusion – that this is one of the best sports simulation games to have ever existed.

MyCareer is the most popular game mode that the NBA 2K franchise had, and continues to be. The very thought of you becoming an NBA player and working your way up to stardom is just a captivating experience – furthering the success of the game franchise. Visual Concepts, a partner of 2K Games tweaks the whole MyCareer gaming experience yearly, and this year’s changes have opened us to a new set of possibilities that will require you to learn new tips and tricks in order to be an A-gamer.

Here are the following NBA 2K17 MyCareer Tips and Tricks.

To help you on your road to NBA stardom.


1. Be Creative in Creating Your Player’s Archetype

NBA 2K17 Archetype Tips and Tricks
NBA 2K17 Archetype Tips and Tricks

NBA 2K17 has just introduced its new player archetype into NBA 2K17. This can be compared to either being a sharpshooter, shot creator, or lockdown defender. What gamers usually do is , players create an NBA player that has superior offensive stats. Of course, playing like Kobe Bryant or Michael Jordan is a lot more fun.

Now, the new archetypes featured in NBA 2K17 makes the “less interesting team roles” substantially more interesting. This means that, creating the fastest, most athletic, or dribble/shooting oriented guard. Hence, try to create a center player like DeAndre Jordan, or perhaps another Serge Ibaka to drive the ball into the paint. Giving an assortment to your player archetype is much welcomed in NBA 2K17, and will yield in greater success and enjoyment.

2. Developing Your Practice Sessions

NBA 2K17 Practice Tips and Tricks
NBA 2K17 Practice Tips and Tricks

When going to the gym, there really isn’t an explanation as to how you will improve your skills, other than the “Doin’ Work” bar. It is important to know that some secondary skills and a few of the primary skills do not really go well into the general skills tier. You need to literally work it out at the gym even though the results aren’t that visual.

The tricky part here is that the second tier skills are not directly affected by the specific drills you do at the gym. The other thing that you can do is to stay on the court even though team practices are already done. Try to shoot from the charity stripe, as well as take on the Gatorade reaction drills. When you do this constantly, your free throw shooting stats and reaction rating will be buffed up in no time.

3. Working on Your Teammate Grade

NBA 2K17 Teamwork Grade Tips and Tricks
NBA 2K17 Teamwork Grade Tips and Tricks

Teamwork is very important in basketball, which is why NBA 2K17 has implemented features revolving around teamwork. When playing the game you need to know that starting with a 55 overall rating is not that bad, because it’s not  about the “overall rating”.

By making screens, playing smart defensively, handing out assists, and being in the right position to make team plays, if followed your teammate grade effortlessly will improve over time. You then increase the chances of becoming a “star player”. Remember that overall rating and teammate grade goes hand in hand and should be balanced for you to be called a “great baller”.


4. Don’t Focus Too Much in Doing Free-Throw Practice

NBA 2K17 Free Throw Tips and Tricks
NBA 2K17 Free Throw Tips and Tricks

Visual Concepts makes sure that the NBA 2K17 experience is realistic, which is why it patterns its decisions on Shaquille O’Neal who despite spending hundreds of hours in free-throw shooting practice, still failed to be a better free-throw shooter.

Though doing free-throw practices a lot of times improves your free-throw shooting skill, you need to know that this only works when you do these practices over the course of many free-throw shooting practices, and not just in a single session. Try to do the drill every time you finish practicing.

5. Socializing with the NBA Pro Community

In NBA 2K17, you usually end up getting a message or a text from a fellow teammate, an NBA star, or even from a basketball icon or legend. The Duke and Team USA coach, Mike Krzyzewski is one example.

In the game, getting to accept the invitation that Coach K sent to you enables you to personalize your own jump shot creator. This feature allows you to mash up the existing jump shot animations and modify it to your own liking.

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