Mafia 3 on PC is Locked to 30FPS

If you are a fan of the Mafia franchise, then you will be very disappointed to know that the latest installment, Mafia 3 on PC is locked to 30fps. This is a shocking news for many considering it is a game released in 2016 where PC and consoles have evolved to the point that 30fps is not acceptable. Even though many users believed that the lock would apply to the review version that was sent to publications, it has been confirmed that the Steam/retail version will arrive while locked at 30fps.

The news is not well received since the Hangar 13 did not release any public review copies. Many gamers believe that the reason the company did not release any review of the triple A title was due to the lock. It is predicted that the game is the final release copy, and this would be a significant issue that will mean many gamers will avoid buying the game. Currently, a large number of negative posts have shown on steam with many buyers stating that they will not purchase the game unless the game studio decides to fix the issue.

The issue of games being locked to 30fps is not something new. Many of the latest games need some serious computing power to play well. Mafia 3 is not an exception as it will need very reasonable specs to enjoy the game. However, it is not valid to say that the game has been locked at 30fps to ensure that it plays well in many computers considering that the review version was played on a PC with some decent specs. However, all we can do is hope that 2K and Hangar 13 will heed to the demands by loyal fans and release an update soon.

The news about the low frame was first revealed by Andy Kelly from PC Gamer who was trying out the review copy. Even after reducing the screen resolution to 720p, the game was still locked at 30fps. However, Hangar 13 have already confirmed that they will fix the issue with an update in the near future. Furthermore, they also promised to include some post-launch tweaks on PC that allows gamers to have more control over the experience in the game. Until then, gamers have to make do with the 30fps.

Since the PC game has not been released officially, there is time for the game developer to release a patch to fix the issue. Having the patch released on the day of release is possible. The game is slated for release on October 7 on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.