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Lost Castle Review

Lost Castle Review
Lost Castle Review

When I noticed Lost Castle I wasn’t certain, the pictures and videos on the sales page didn’t do its job selling the game to me. This game has proven a precious lesson I will remember for any video games in the future and the lesson I learned was don’t judge a book by its cover. When I began playing Lost Castle I was impressed and what influenced me to take that chance was purely based on curiosity, after my resolution was made I immediately purchased the game and downloaded it. It was a spontaneous decision I haven’t regretted.

The video below explains what Lost Castle is like:

Before I proceed to speak about the game I would like to make a comparison on two games I have thought to give a reliable notion of what the game will be like.

If we were to sit down and lay out two games, the one game being Lost Castle and the other game being Rogue Legacy. Some of the comparison similarities we would see would be:

That both, Rogue Legacy and Lost Castle have similar combat styles and art styles. Rogue Legacy possess a similar progression system after a player dies and so does Lost Castle. Of course, this is a roguelike comparison, these two games are similar in gameplay, but not difficulty.

The video below shows the difficulty of Rogue Legacy:

Lost Castle appears resembling a game that would not require thought or be easy to play, however, that’s the exact opposite. While fighting each of the enemies we must pay attention to the incoming projectiles that damage our health. Each enemy is different taking a different strategy to beat, sometimes the running away from the massive boss chasing me will be the best course of action, this game demands us to take carefully think out our next move. Failing to act accordingly to each situation being carefully sent at us will eventually get us killed. Making us restart the level with a different character and the ability to upgrade with collected purple essence dropped by the enemies we have killed in the castle.

The best way to describe the visual presentation of in-game art is to compare to serious cartoon art style. It’s interesting to look at the art style while navigating through the dark castle, it’s visually perfected. The art style of the enemies is well done, for example, The mage goblins and the melee goblins have an art style that fits the purpose of whatever the enemy will be doing, its clear thought has gone into styling each of the induvial enemies being sent at us. The level design is also well thought out, from the falling chests that hurt our character to the boss area, it’s literally designed to kill us.

At the end of each level there’s a surprise, sometimes it might be a chest or most of the time it’s a boss that literally kicks !@#$. The art style of the levels and enemies gave me the impression that the game would be simple and not challenging, I was wrong. Lost Castle had several magic tricks that were waiting for me to become comfortable before showing the true difficulty of the game with its killer magic tricks.

The Verdict:

Visuals are excellent.

The gameplay of Lost Castle plays like an easy version of Rogue Legacy.

Positive: The PC version has support for playing with a controller and keyboard.

The final score for Lost Castle is 4/5.

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