King of Management Games and Best Free Game: Dwarf Fortress Review

Dwarf Fortress has grown to be a successful free game with over 100,000+ downloads and wildly active modding community shows us how deserving this project is for publicity.

Does free mean the game is a waste of time? Tarn Adams and Zach Adams chose for Dwarf Fortress to remain free for everyone made possible by donations from fans.

The Dwarf Fortress Experience.

The gameplay in DF is compared to simulation and management simulation style games, the “King of simulator games” the video game that started the cool idea of managing a colony of characters that are helpless and in need of someone saying what to do is the beginning of a bigger picture. Our job is to tell all of our dwarfs what to do and protect them from invaders that come to our land uninvited, the only way we can defend our kingdom is to properly prepare with weapons we forged from minerals found deep underground.

The long term goal is to protect your land and making sure none of your dwarfs happen to die.

When our game reviewer Pj Mischuk played Dwarf Fortress, he instantly fell in love with the game, he said, “The reason I am going to rate the game a star of 4.5/5 is because Dwarf Fortress offers complex management experience”.

The Only Problem Is The Graphics, That Can Be Easily Fixed.

One of the problems Dwarf Fortress is faced with is graphics, we would like to help solve the bad graphics by providing a download of Dwarf Fortress with enhanced graphics at the end of the post.

Fixing The Bad Graphics In Dwarf Fortress.

As promised you can find Dwarf Fortress starter pack by clicking the link found here.  Mac pack can be found here.