KickStarter Saving The Dying RTS Genre?

The real-time strategy, base-building and unit management games like Warcraft or Starcraft vanished due to profitability issues and a market shift.

Lot’s of us have grown up playing “RTS” real time strategy games with friends as a child and we’re wondering why RTS games are no longer being developed. Is there no money in making RTS games?

The truth is that RTS genre has died off, video game publishers have not seen enough profit to justify a big RTS game.

CherrySlurpee said on Reddit: As the gaming scene grows, I see fewer and fewer RTS games worth a damp hit the market. Right now, Starcraft II is really the only high profile game out there. While there are a few low profile games like company of heroes that hit the market, it seems like MOBA games have pushed RTS games out.

CherrySlurpee is on to a good point, he says that StarCraft 2 is the only high profile real-time strategy game, “That’s modern”. It’s simply ridiculous to say that all of the fans who play real-time strategy games have left to play MOBAS, lots of high rating real time strategy games receive attention from loving fans.

In the past five years the only big hit RTS game was StarCraft 2, we have yet to see a big video game publisher decide to publish an RTS game, it’s clearly a market and profit issue.

Where did everyone go? Gamers are saying the community went towards MOBA games, like League of Legends and Dota 2 and because of tens of millions of players fleeing to MOBA games. It’s a huge risk to publish a real-time strategy game that is like Warcraft or any other done before real-time strategy games, seems like studios no longer have funds or time to recreate a dying style and make it original.

Kickstarter has saved the real-time strategy game genre from completely dying off.

Since it’s a huge risk to publish an RTS game, what has indies or studios done about the market crash? A studio named UberEntertainment has released a real-time strategy game under Kickstarter to fund their project Planetary Annihilation.

Kickstarter allows studios that are passionate about creating an RTS games and don’t have the proper budget may use Kickstarter as a huge opportunity.

Long as “we”, we’re talking about all of the real-time strategy fans show attention and fund projects on Kickstarter we will always have a classic management with units and base building involved released yearly for us to play.

There’s a serious lack of base building, unit, management games and the only way we can fix this is to create a demand or request for games to implement management and real-time strategy together to be made.

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