Review: Inside Needs Thousands of Touch Ups

Inside is a dark 2D side-scroller that seems to fall short on every aspect of the review process, no storyline, familiar gameplay and hardly any sound are the major downfalls. Continue reading to see the final verdict of the game.

The gameplay is straight forward and plays like Limbo, this time around PlayDead thought it would be a good idea to cast another boy character but this time, have pedos or kidnappers chasing our character trying to grab the boy and suffocate him in an “innocent” way when we get caught by men in white masks.

Let’s talk about the bad of the game, IGN, and few other sites gave Inside a good score when it is not deserving. We went ahead and purchased the game to review it for everyone and we were surprised on why the ratings are high tens, meanwhile the actual game feels lazy and does not offer a good experience based on our criteria.

The visuals are the best part; of the game are easily one of the strong points of the title, PlayDead has done a great job at bringing dark visuals that fit well and feel right.

The game lacks almost any sound you can think of. There’s only a few things or objects that make a sound but the rest of the game is dull and lifeless with no extra sound. For example, in the beginning of the game when we were running away from men in masks while the dogs are chasing us before we jump off the cliff into the water. Did you hear any birds or grasshoppers, did you hear the guys yelling or talking? No, we only heard the dogs barking, the rest of the game could need thousands of touch ups to make the game feel right. Water needs more songs, the forest and the characters need more sound effects and voices too, the people chasing us need more sounds, stepping onto the log needs sound, We can sit here and say a bunch of things that need sound. The truth is this game is not completed yet, it is a half experience. The only complete product of this $20 game is the graphics of the objects and things. The essential, sound, graphics and animation are done but feel beta stage. The game simply does not feel complete. IGN has given this title a high ten, for what?

The storyline is none existent; we never knew why this little boy ran away. We should have begun in his house seeing what happened, but instead, we start in a forest.

Inside does not offer a unique experience, instead, everything feels like an unenjoyable task due to the fact that the game is not a properly planned out experience. What the game could use is a storyline for the character we are playing and cut scenes explaining why the boy has run away and why men in white masks are grabbing him.

The game failed to take us on a $20 worth adventure. We started up the game and immediately got placed in a forest, at first we we’re confused on why the game never explained the situation of the boy. We started moving across the level forgetting about needing to know the storyline, at this point we thought the game could be worth our time. Until we got into our first sticky situation by a trailer, we had to run away from a man in a mask and wait for the man in the truck to disappear around the trailer. What we did instead was run by the guy in the truck, we heard a couple of live gunshots that did not fit what was shooting out. The first big issue, it’s a simple fix. It’s a tranquilizer gun, not an AK47. The shot hits the kid and one man runs over and begins suffocating the kid, we’re like… Don’t you think you should be explaining this? We got two grown men strangling a kid and were suppose to go along with this?

Some games that are worth your time would be Portal 2, Portal, World of Goo and Obduction an upcoming game.

Obduction Upcoming Adventure Games
Obduction Upcoming Adventure Games

The visuals are what keep the game from being a disaster.

Inside is not worth buying. This is a truthful review.

TryGamers gives Inside a 2/5.