How to Reach Henne Mines in Final Fantasy XII

In first half of

the game, Final Fantasy XII, fifth act, after you visit Eruyt village in Vierra

land, you are asked to find a Viera in the Henne Mines. Akin to other

assignments in Final Fantast XII: The Zodiac Age, finding the location of Henne

Mines is difficult the first time around.


The road to Henne

Mines in Final Fantasy: XII is impossible to find on foot. The only way is to

get a Chocobo. There are two ways of getting a Choboco, one is to rent one from

the stables at the entrance of Jahara village. Another way is to borrow a

Choboco from Imperial Soldiers outside the Golmore Jungle. If you have a few

hundred Gil to spare and are pressed for time, renting a Choboco is a good

option. If you don’t mind a little exploring and want to hold onto your Gil,

then you can borrow a Choboco from the Imperial soldiers for some potion.

How to Reach Henne Mines in Final Fantasy XII
How to Reach Henne Mines in Final Fantasy XII



Below are both ways

of getting to Henne Mines in Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age.


In the Ozmone

plain, you’ll find Field of Fallen Wings, head south from there to the

Switchback. Be wary of enemies flying in to attack you. Best way to beat them

is with magic or ranged attacks. When keeping to the left edge, you’ll find an

exit north from where you will be able to go to Haulo Green.


As you keep going

south, you’ll come across a neutral Garif. He can assist you in fights and this

is a good place to level up killing re-spawning Vipers without much damage.

Once you’ve had enough head through the exit due west to Jahara village.


After the cutscene,

Larsa will rejoin you. You are now ready to head over to Henne Mines but this

is also a good time to do some Marks with Larsa by your side, as he is a great

healer and this will help you level up a bit more. You can simply rent a

Choboco from the Choboco stables in front of the entrance gate to Jahara

village. Renting a Chocobo here is quite cheap and will let you carry on your

mission in Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age without wasting time.


Once you have a

Choboco, head over to Ozmone Plain by retracing your steps from the Switchback

to Dragan Flats to Field of Light Winds and onto the Sunlit Path. Make your way

to Golmore Jungle from there.


If you haven’t

rented a Choboco from the Choboco stables at the entrance of Jahara village to

save on your Gil or because you forgot, don’t worry. You

don’t need to redo the entire journey; instead you can borrow one from here. There

are two Imperial soldiers at the entrance of Golmore Jungle, talk to them, they

might ask you for some potion and in return will lend you a Chocobo. Once on

the Chocobo, head west towards the field of Light Winds. Keep towards the

western edge here near the tall grass. Like I said before, this grass is

impossible to cross on foot but here you will see Chocobo tracks going into the

grass. Follow the tracks through the tall grass and you’ll reach the entrance.